Crezco: A Platform That Has Made B2B Invoice Payments Simple

simple b2b invoice payments

The digital payments adoption by B2B companies has tremendously grown over the past few years.  While the global pandemic changed many elements of business operations, it also introduced several opportunities. More and more companies use invoice apps for their estimates.

The introduction of remote working eliminated paper-based physical payment methods.  Instead, startups have delivered into the market digital solutions to speed up the B2B payment process.  As a result, B2B companies can boost productivity, solve their cash flow issues, and increase customer satisfaction using accounts receivable automation and online payments.

Platforms use open banking technology to make B2B invoice payments simple.  Crezco makes account-to-account payments frictionless and real-time.

Here are the benefits of using a digital B2B Payment Solution

Collect Payment Faster

Today, businesses have switched from traditional methods of collecting payments to eliminate the problem of slow-paying customers.  For many years companies have been complaining about how the too-lengthy payment cycle is affecting their cash flow, hurting business growth and delaying future investments.

Today, you simply need to add payment details to xero invoice and collect payments using open banking without filling in any data manually.  Indeed Crezco eliminates the traditional 30-day invoice and gets you paid faster.  This automation streamlines processes, reduces errors, improves internal alignment, and increases customer satisfaction.

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Digital B2B payments have significantly reduced the amount of work the accounting and finance team handles.  These online billing systems automatically generate and send invoices.  Your team simply connect your business account to Crezco and add a ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices with its accounting software integrations.  Since reconciliation is automatic, your accounting team can focus on more high-level tasks.

Reduce the Impact of Unsuccessful Payments

Unfortunately, some small businesses are still chasing down customers who send paper checks which sometimes fail to clear, and they keep following up on payments.  Getting paid digitally eliminates the impact of unsuccessful payments.  Crezco shrinks the payment cycle because it lets you know when there are insufficient funds.

Offer Seamless User Experience

B2B payment platforms aim to optimize payments and offer an excellent customer experience.  Indeed it’s easy to receive payments from international and local customers.  You can also save your customers’ payment information and make recurring billing.  Automating your payments leads to a lower churn rate and higher income.

Enhanced Security

Businesses want to handle their customers’ payments through a single secure platform.  Digital B2B systems have their own security protocols, so you’re not in charge of the security, and it’s their job to fix any problem.  Integrating your accounting system with secure B2B billing systems gives you peace of mind and conveys trust to your customers.

Extra Benefits of Using Crezco

International Payments: You can receive or pay international customers using local currency.  That means you no longer need to maintain a foreign currency account.

Recurring Payments: Do you want to pay for subscriptions or collect rent hassle-free?  You can create a standing order on this platform.

Software Integrations: Crezco employs technology to create seamless account-to-account payments while eliminating unnecessary friction and costs.  You can send invoices within your accounting software because the platforms integrates well with accounting systems.

Custom Branding: The platform allows you to customize your checkout experience and email with your logo and brand colors.

Advanced Fraud Protection: It’s the work of Crezco to fix security issues.  The platform’s proprietary ML risk system blocks illicit transactions and fraudulent payments.

Therefore, create your Crezco account today, link it to your bank account, and start receiving payments.

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