Clothing Zippers: Different Types of Zippers and How to Correctly Choose the Best

Unlike buttons, zippers are clothes accessories found everywhere. Choosing the right zipper for your dress, pants, jacket, or bag can take time and effort. Here is what differentiates one zipper from the other.

Clothing Zipper

Most clothes and cardigans in the past had rows of buttons or snaps. Today majority of the clothes at have zippers instead of buttons.

What is the reason for that drastic switch?

Previously, people used different colors, sizes, and shapes of buttons to add a fashion statement. But with time, they started to look for something more convenient and with a wider application than buttons.

Zippers are considered the best alternative clothing accessory. You can find them in pants, jackets, dresses, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. You will find various types of zippers in the market based on the material used to make them. Zippers also vary depending on the manufacturing methods used on them.

The article will tell you more about clothing zippers and the best choices.

Types of Zippers

Metal Zippers

The first zipper to be produced and delivered to the market were metal zippers. These zippers have different finishes, including gunmetal antique silver, antique brass, golden brass, silver, and more.

Plastic Zippers

The zippers have molded teeth injected individually. They are incredibly strong, durable, and flexible because high-molded plastic elements are used to manufacture them. They’re popularly used on heavyweight garments, outerwear, and outdoor application.

Coil/Nylon Zippers

Instead of individual teeth, a continuous coil of monofilament is used on coil zippers. These zippers have extruded teeth sewn on the tape. They have a variety of gauges and are flexible. Coil zippers are mostly applied to fashion wear, canvas goods and bags, and all types of tents.

Invisible Zippers

Invisible zipper

These zippers are unique because of their mode of use and exceptional construction. Specialty zippers have special types of parts, finishes, or construction. You can’t see the tape of invisible zippers because of the way they’re stitched. Only the hairline seam is visible on the ladies’ dresses and skirts with an invisible zipper.

How to Choose the Best Zippers

Finding the right zipper for your clothing can be very confusing because there is a wide variety of them in the market. A good clothing zipper is long-lasting and stylish.

Here are other qualities of the best zippers in the market.


The size of the zipper influences its strength. That means large-sized zippers are strong. The material used to make the zippers affects their strength. Thus you can have two zippers of the same size and different materials but of different strengths.


The material influences the shape of the teeth of the zipper. It affects its beauty, feel, and compatibility with the clothing. Different materials have different features. Here are the differences:

Plastic Zippers: They are available in different colors and are highly durable. Manufacturers inlay man-made diamonds into the surface of the plastic zipper due to their large teeth. Plastic zippers are applied chiefly in thicker fabric like down jackets, uniforms, ski suits, etc.

Metal Zippers: These zippers have metallic finishes and are used mostly in jeans, leather jackets, and other high-end garments. These zippers are not flexible, but they’re durable.

Nylon Zippers: These zippers are less costly, more flexible, and softer than others. They’re mostly used on thin fabric such as dresses, lining, underwear, and pants.

Clothing Color

Usually, zippers match the color of the garments they’re applied on. You can add a slider with a tab on your zipper to serve a decorative function or purely functional.

Clothing Type

People choose zippers based on the function they want to satisfy. Here are a few examples:

  • Closed-end zippers on the front fly of your pants, dress, or pockets.
  • Two-way open zippers in an excellent option for a long coat because it accommodates squatting.
  • Invisible zippers are ideal for skirts or thin fabrics. You can add a fashion statement to your dress using an invisible zipper with lace tape.

In Conclusion

It can be frustrating to have clothes with a nonfunctional zipper. Still, finding the right zipper for your pants, dress, jacket, or bag can be challenging. The good news is that Molniya has any zipper, including spiral zippers, continuous chains, sliders, and zippers with unique features.

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