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Meanwhile, Black Friday in Britain is Absolute Terror (Not Really)

No one — and I mean, no one — could ever prepare us for the sights of Black Friday in Britain. With Black Friday in full swing, queues — I mean, lines — of hundreds upon hundreds of people flocking to shopping malls to avail of the outrageously slashed prices and drop-dead deals. Flat-screen TVs, […]

Prank Black Friday Offers at Target Are 100% Win

Black Friday — intense, high-pressure, manic, violent shopping. And that’s sometimes just the first few minutes of the mall’s opening hours. However, every now and then, someone comes along and pranks shoppers, and leaves them befuddled and dumbstruck. these pranksters certainly make the world a better place. Jeff Wysaski, who gives you internet greats such as […]

The Black Friday Leaks Have Begun With This Major Retailer

The first official Black Friday sale specials have begun to leak. Yea, many smaller businesses have already released their special deals for one of the biggest shopping days, such as Dell and Newegg. But, now we have the first from a major Black Friday retailer, Macy’s. Macy’s 56-page catalog has been obtained by leading Black […]

5 of the Best In-Store Fights from Black Friday 2014

There was a time when the Friday after Thanksgiving was a bonus day off to recover from the overindulgence the day before — but somewhere along the way, it turned into a no holds barred street fight for a bargain. Before the advent of social media and camera phones, tales of in-store violence on Black […]

Black Friday Fight At Victoria’s Secret Goes Viral [Watch]

There were some unhappy UK customers this Black Friday in a Victoria’s Secret. So unhappy they decided to fight over it. Apparently Black Friday wouldn’t be the same without chaos. Let’s just make this clear… these people are fighting over bras and underwear. Or at least the idea of unmentionables. The video of this funny, […]

Walmart on Black Friday: Great Deals and Horrific Violence

Recently, we shared our top picks for deals on laptop computers and tablets for Black Friday. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprised that Walmart appeared several times on that list – more often than any other retailer (including Amazon and Best Buy). Walmart offers some amazing deals on Black Friday – enough to […]

OUR Walmart Workers Organize Black Friday Strike

Every year, as Thanksgiving draws closer, you hear rumors of strikes for Walmart on Black Friday. So far, it hasn’t happened (at least to the scale that people expect), but this year there might actually be significant strikes, thanks to OUR Walmart. The group, Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart for short, […]

List of Stores that will be Closed on “Black Thursday”

In recent years “Black Friday” has turned into “Black Thursday” as retailers inch further and further into the territory of Thanksgiving to entice eager shoppers. It’s an aggressive trend where stores are constantly trying to “one-up” each other and open just a little bit earlier than their competitors, to lock down a solid stream of […]