The Best Tweets About Hillary’s Running Mate Tim Kaine So Far

Hillary has named her VP and the Tim Kaine Tweets are as punny as it gets.

tim kaine tweets

Earlier today, Hillary announced that Tim Kaine, former Virginia Senator and Democratic Party leader, will be her running mate and the internet is already full of enough Tim Kaine Tweets to give you good chuckle. Since I haven’t heard of him I decided to read a dozen articles about the VP Candidate and give you a few (hopefully unbiased) facts.

1.) He’s pro Trans-Pacific Partnership
This is that little trade deal that Bernie and Clinton talked about all the time as a bad thing, basically it doesn’t do any favors for America’s trading policies

2.) He works across the isle
Kaine has worked with John McCain to combat ISIS and he’s encouraged an open dialogue about a lot of other topics, especially when he was mayor in Richmond.

3.) He’s a politician
By picking Kaine, Hillary has strengthened her machine but she’s also proved that it’s still a machine, while the Republicans and Bernie are balking at the “Washington insiders”, that’s probably the term that best describes Kaine.

Now, here are some Tweets:

Let the puns begin.

I tried to stay away from his page because I knew this would happen.

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