Guess Who? Instagram’s ‘Hottest Doctor’ Is Officially Taken

Hottest doctor

Remember Dr. Mike, the physician dubbed the hottest doctor alive? Well, with thousands of admirers around the world, Mikhail Varshavski says he is finally in a serious relationship.

Talking exclusively to Wonderwall, “the hottest doctor on Instagram” says he is dating Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach.

“It’s a fairly new relationship, but I’m really excited to see where it can go!”

Dr. Mike even posted a picture of the new couple on Instagram. Which we are pretty sure cause half of his millions of followers to cry themselves to sleep.

“She says she wanted to be a doctor until she realized she’s deathly afraid of the sight of blood, so she decided to win #MissUniverse instead”

You might remember this recent beauty queen controversial win, thanks to Steve Harvey. He accidentally announced a different winner before announcing his mistake and giving the crown to Wurtzbach.

Seriously, this new relationship is taking the Internet by storm. I mean, it made big news when people noticed that Pia changed her relationship status to taken.

We wonder what this means for the doctor’s latest charity date auction. Dr. Mike is auctioning off a five-star date with himself all in the name of goodwill. What will Pia do when her McDreamy is off on a date with a different person?


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