Instagram Finally Launches Web Profiles [Photos]

Instagram announced a new change, stepping away from mobile a little bit with the introduction of web profiles. For the longest time, you could only view people’s photos and profiles were completely non-existent on the desktop.

With this new update, you can visit and view someone’s profile, among other things. This is a big step forward for the photo sharing service and brings even more functionality, especially considering how many view photos from desktop and not just mobile.

Taking a look at the design, it’s very simplistic and has a Facebook Timeline feel to it with the cover photo and placement of a user’s profile picture. Photos displayed in the cover photo automatically change every few seconds. Underneath the person’s profile picture, you can follow or un-follow, and view their bio and stats, including: Following, followers, and photos, which are displayed to the right.

Scrolling down, images are organized by month and when you scroll over one, a nice white background appears around the photo with a quick glance at likes and comments.

Clicking on an image pops it up in an interface virtually identical to what you see when viewing an Instagram photo on the web. Clicking outside of the image makes it go away.

Instagram doesn’t seem to be limiting the amount of photos that can be viewed on the web as it loads more and more as you scroll. Currently, web profiles aren’t available to all users. However, you can see if you already have access by going to[your_username]. If you don’t have it, the new feature will be rolling out to all users by the end of this week.

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