Facebook Allowing New ‘Suggested Posts’ To Non-Fans

Facebook started testing Promoted Posts to non-fans back in August and now looks to offer a new feature to Page owners called Suggested Posts. This new feature is part of the Sponsored Stories product and will be integrated within.

With the new posts, Pages will be able to target users outside of their fan base similar to Promoted Posts. However, instead of just having a Promoted Post that appears as “Sponsored”, Pages can also choose to have them appear as a “Suggested Post” in user’s news feeds.

While a controversial move, Facebook is still only in the testing phase with a select few marketers and hasn’t started a full roll out. Seeing a post as “Suggested” is more appealing than just seeing that it’s sponsored.

The idea is this will increase engagement with Promoted Posts in the news feed. So far, the social network has managed to not overwhelm news feeds with Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories which is a good sign.

Many users are still not a fan of the advertising and testing will show if Suggested Posts are worth being introduced to all Pages. In the meantime, Facebook is set to release their third quarter earnings which will reveal how well their advertising business is doing.

Mike Stenger

Lover of technology, Mike often makes jokes that nobody laughs at.


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