Turkey Lifts Twitter Ban

Twitter Ban

Twitter has been blocked in Turkey for nearly two weeks now, and it appears the ban has finally been lifted.

Helping to first announce the news, Reuters posted the following tweet to its tech account:

Telecomix Turkey, an account ran by net activists, asked its followers if Twitter was working again, and the answer was yes:



Less than two hours after Reuters’ report, the Twitter Policy account confirmed the social network was unblocked:

However, citizens should be patient as the process could take several hours while the government notifies ISPs to restore access.

Last week, Twitter published an extensive post challenging the ban, and explaining it had made necessary changes to end the ban.

Just two days later, a Turkish court ruled the ban was a violation of freedom of speech, helping the social network edge closer towards being restored.

While Twitter may now be unblocked in Turkey, YouTube is still banned, going on exactly a week now.

Photo credit: Starbloggingonline

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