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Bang With Friends Renamed ‘Down’ After Zynga Lawsuit

Bang With Friends, the controversial app that lets you know which Facebook friends are up for, well, you know, has rebranded itself to Down. In July, social gaming company Zynga filed a trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of “With Friends.” Nearly two months after the lawsuit was filed, Bang With Friends reached a settlement […]

Zynga Co-Founder Justin Waldron Quits, Posts Facebook Farewell

Justin Waldron helped create Zynga and now six and a half years later the company’s co-founder is exiting the social gaming firm. On Wednesday night Waldron posted a message on his personal Facebook account. In his farewell post Waldron called his time at Zynga “magical” while praising the company’s employees. Waldron didn’t take any time […]

The Rise And Fall Of Zynga: Users Disappear As Revenue Plummets

At the height of its success in 2012 social gaming network Zynga commanded the attention of 306 million users. By June 2013 the social gaming networks user base had plummeted to 187 million monthly active users. Based on those numbers Zynga’s daily active users was halved from 72 million in June 2012 to 39 million […]

Bang With Friends Responds To Zynga Lawsuit, Also They’re Hiring

Our pals at Bang With Friends are no strangers to controversy, but Zynga’s trademark infringement lawsuit (read about it here) has them scratching their heads, too. Mostly because it’s over probably the least controversial thing about them. Long story short, Zynga is suing Bang With Friends over the “With Friends” part of their brand, because […]

Zynga Sues Bang With Friends, Claims Trademark Infringement

You can’t do anything “with Friends” unless you get permission from the blowhards at Zynga. The stupendously failing company has filed a lawsuit against the creators of Bang with Friends. Zynga claims that Bang With Friends is in direct violation of the company’s “with Friends” trademark. In the complaint Zynga lawyers says the company chose […]

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus Demoted As Company Troubles Continue

Mark Pincus may have founded Zynga but his days as the CEO of the faltering social gaming company have come to an end. Pincus on Monday revealed that he has stepped down as the company’s CEO and will instead take over as Chief Product Officer. Taking over for Pincus is 49-year-old Don Mattrick. Launched in […]

Rob Dyer Leaves Zynga As Company Shakeup Continues

Rob Dyer, head of the Zynga Partners program has quit the company he joined in November 2011. Dyer was responsible for cultivating partnerships with external development teams. Dyer was also in control of launching titles, monetizing games, and marketing new releases. Dyer is just one of a handful of Zynga executives who have left the […]