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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Remakes Viral Hit ‘David After Dentist’ [Video]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the few child stars turned distinguished actors that’s managed to stay out of trouble, and recently took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars special. For the special, which aired this past Sunday, Kimmel had big name actors swing by to remake viral YouTube videos. One of those videos was David After […]

Charles Ramsey Gets Autotune Remix After Rescuing Three Women In Cleveland [Viral Video]

Charles Ramsey became an internet sensation overnight after he rescued three women who had been missing for almost 10 years. Ramsey delivered an animated interview to a local news station after he rescued Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. Ramsey was finishing off a meal from McDonald’s when he heard Berry’s screams. Now thanks […]

TubeRank Shows Us How Videos Go Viral

Have you ever wondered how things go viral? Though viral success can be difficult, there’s actually a formula you can follow through a Viral Ad Network tool called TubeRank, which helps you formulate a strategy to get your video to catch steam online. ReelSEO‘s Chris Atkinson sums up TubeRank by saying that it helps you […]