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Twitter Begins Rolling Out New Photo Feature To Select Users

Remember that uber-cool Twitter photo sharing and hosting feature we were talking about a few short days ago? Twitter has begun to officially roll it out to users. The program was originally only available to Twitter employees, however a small subset of outside Twitter members are now beginning to see the feature. TechCrunch grabbed wind […]

Twitter Photo Hosting: Don’t Worry You Own Your Photos

If you heard news today that Twitter will own your photos it’s time to take a deep breath and relax, it turns out that information is 100% false. Rumors of Twitter photo ownership started today when Courtney Boyd Myers at The Next Web asked Photobucket CEO Tom Munro who owned the users work, to which […]

Twitter To Launch Photo Sharing Feature, But Will Users Trust It?

Twitter is rumored to be working on a new photo sharing and hosting feature that will launch “very soon” but the real question is, who in their right mind would trust Twitter to store their photos, after all this is the same company who has failed to properly archive and allow for searching of basic […]