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TwitPic Blocked As Malware By Google Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser on Sunday began to block popular Twitter photo sharing service TwitPic. Users who attempted to log into the program were met with a message that identified the popular social platform as malware. Both TwitPic and sites that rely on the TwitPic API were met with the malware message. According to TwitPic […]

TwitPic Surpasses 35 Million Users, Finally Releases iPhone App

Twitpic was the first company to make adding pics to Twitter a simple process, yet despite 35 million users it wasn’t until Monday that the company announced its first mobile application. Available as a free iPhone app the program allows users to add filters before posting images to Twitter. Founded in 2007 Twitpic’s API has […]

TwitPic Founder Live-Tweets Nudity Arrest

Hee, hee hee. TwitPic founder Noah Everett certainly has a sense of humor when it comes to his Twitter feed, and I guess being the dude-in-charge means you don’t have to worry as much about getting fired for your Twitter (or real life) antics. Everett- a man with over two million Twitter followers- used TwitPic […]