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Only 16% Of People Use Social Media While Watching Primetime TV

Social media has long been believed to help boost TV show ratings, but according to a new study, just 16 percent of people engage online during primetime. Published by the Council for Research Excellence, over 1600 people ages 15 to 54 were told to report anytime they heard, saw or talked about a primetime TV show. […]

44% Of U.S. Adults Get Their News From Social Media [Study]

Social media is particularly useful for breaking news, and according to a new study, 44 percent of American adults get their news from social networks. The study, conducted by American Press Institute, surveyed nearly 1500 adults about how and where they consume news. Here’s the most popular methods: Directly from news organizations – 88 percent […]

38% Of Consumers Will Take To Social Media When Shopping For Their Next Car

Social media has become a popular medium for generating new leads, and according to a new report, 38 percent of consumers will use social media to find their next car. CMO Council has published a new white paper titled “Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads,” which takes a look at social marketing in the auto […]

Social Media Hasn’t Enabled Us To ‘Scale’ Friend Capacity, Oxford Study Suggests

The illusion social media presents of streamlining friendships may have something to it — allowing us to pare down on rote announcements, invites or shares — but it hasn’t increased our capacity to connect meaningfully on a larger scale, new research out of Oxford indicates. Social media has often been analyzed in regards to its […]

73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Media

Last week, we published 13 social media stats for 2013, and according to a new survey, 73 percent of online U.S. adults now use a social networking site. Over 1,800 U.S. adults were surveyed from August 7 to September 16 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. Here’s the breakdown of U.S. adults who use each […]

50% Of College Football Fans Cheer For Their Team On Social Media

Social media is chock full of sports fans, and according to a new poll from Discover, 50 percent of college football fans cheer for their team on social media. Today, Discover published week 6 results from its Fan Loyalty Poll, and here were the findings: One-third of college football fans use social networks while watching […]