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The Top 5 Smartphones for Snapchat Addicts

Snapchat is one of the hottest social media networks in the world right now with over 158 million active daily users. That’s huge for a company that was only launched in 2011. But it’s not a surprise. Photo and short-video sharing has become quite popular among social media users and Snapchat lets you do that […]

The Social Platforms To Keep An Eye On This 2017

Social networking is a dominant part of today’s society, and that has made social networks great investments. The start of 2017 comes with an inherent need to evaluate the social media world, and although it can be hard to lay out concrete facts, some trends paint a clear enough picture of what to expect. Online […]

President Obama Gets Trolled By Daughter Sasha via Snapchat

Sasha, you win the Internet right now. With less than 100 days to the ed of his presidential term. President Barack Obama is still up for making himself and his family the most memorable one — this time, it’s thanks to his daughter Sasha.  Folks, you know how it is: when a teenager schools you […]

Facebook’s Answer to Snapchat: Sweet Anonymity or Troll Paradise?

Facebook is a public forum, and they take the public part of that very seriously. The social network is famous for stripping away privacy settings and putting everything out in the open—a double-edged sword which tends to expose private information but prevents vitriol through a system of social accountability. The latter is precisely why some […]

Did Snapchat Steal This Woman’s Art? Twitter Wants Answers

Snapchat has some pretty cool filters on the app, and it’s no wonder it can easy to go crazy over those. However, it seems they’ve had a couple of misses recently. Snapchat gaffed when they released a Bob Marley filter in April 20 with a blackface feature, which they quickly apologized for. However, will they […]

Snapchat’s Bob Marley Filter Backfires Big Time

The Bob Marley Snapchat filter launched yesterday, also known as 420 day, has irked – and is irking – people left and right, and of course, it’s all over social media. Yesterday, Snapchat released a Bob Marley filter which allows users to combine their face with Bob Marley’s.

Is SnapChat Actually Safer than SkyECC (And Why)?

The concern for security has been creeping under our noses for some time now. As people get more comfortable with using technology, the threat of our sensitive information being compromised gets bigger. In fact, people are already sharing personal information such as interests, phone numbers, location, and employment indifferently in social networks like Facebook, Google+, […]