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“Downton Abbey” Bids Adieu With Its 6th Season

It may very well be curtains for Julian Fellowes’ timeless period drama “Downton Abbey“, as TV Line reported yesterday. The show’s upcoming sixth season marks the final run of the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning show. As if we still didn’t have enough to cry about over the show. A Carnival Films/Masterpiece co-production, “Downton Abbey” Season 6 […]

Check Out The Simpsons In Pixel Art [Video]

The Simpsons TV series is considered a pop culture icon, so it is no surprise it is the inspiration behind this interesting project. Recently, pixel art and old school gaming have become pretty popular. Everyone can name at least one old school gaming version of something. Not even, PBS’ hit series, Downtown Abbey. That is […]

Bob Ross Really Enjoyed Beating The Devil Out Of His Brushes [Video]

You remember Bob Ross, the impossibly fro’d white guy from the PBS show The Joy of Painting, don’t you? While the late landscape painter and instructor is often lovingly parodied in popular culture for his calm tone and undeniable sweetness to this day, perhaps there was a dark side to him all along. To wit, […]

Barry Manilow’s Face Creeps Out Twitter [Twitter Reacts]

Barry Manilow headlined “A Capitol Fourth” on Thursday, an annual Independence Day celebration put on by PBS. But it was his face that stole the show, not his voice. The 33rd annual event also included a Neil Diamond performance and a fireworks show, but who cares. Did you see Barry Manilow’s face? Twitter noticed and […]

PBS Has Fun With Facebook Data: Create Your Own Political Attack Ad

Election day is getting closer and what better way to make fun of all the political ads than by creating one aimed directly at you! PBS Newshour has created a new tool called Ad Libs that uses your Facebook data to create a political attack ad. The app looks pretty funny and making your own […]

Save Big Bird: PBS Turns Memes Into Marketing Gold

The presidential debate last night has already spawned an influx of memes, but the best of them concern the Sesame Street character Big Bird after GOP hopeful Mitt Romney hinted that his alphabet reciting days may soon be over if he takes the presidency. Though admitting that he loves Big Bird, Romney is dead-set on […]