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Marvel Released New ‘Human-Sized’ Ant-Man Trailer [Video]

After releasing an ‘ant-sized’ trailer for its upcoming film, Ant-Man, Marvel has finally released the full-sized teaser. The film is getting a lot of attention, even though Ant-Man is considered one of Marvel’s lesser known characters and story lines. Directed by Peyton Reed (the guy behind The Breakup, Yes Man and Bring It On), the film stars Paul […]

Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Gets Ant-Sized Teaser Trailer [Video]

Marvel’s latest movie Ant-Man got an ant-sized trailer today on YouTube. And yeah, we don’t mean a really really brief trailer. The Ant-Man trailer is literally ant-sized. Marvel shrunk down the footage to about a centimeter and then uploaded it to YouTube. The company said that fans can tune into the season premiere of “Marvel’s Agent Carter” on ABC […]

Paul Rudd’s College Yearbook Photo Goes Viral

So Paul Rudd does age?! The actor has one of those faces that just doesn’t seem to age. Sure, he isn’t at Nicolas Cage vampire levels, or even John Travolta time traveler levels, but you can’t deny that Rudd has somehow managed to escape the effects of aging during his 30s and 40s. There’s even […]

Did Paul Rudd Help Subdue Gay Basher At Dallas Airport? [Video]

A man at Dallas International Airport was tackled by a group of passengers today after he started screaming homophobic slurs. One of those hero passengers may or may not have been Paul Rudd. A video was posted to YouTube today showing a man trying to pick a fight with another passenger. The man takes off his […]

First ‘Ant-Man’ Photo Shows Paul Rudd As Scott Lang

Well that was quick. Director Peyton Reed hasn’t even finished casting Ant Man yet but we’ve already got our first photo of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. USA Today reports that Reed, Rudd, and the rest of the crew started production on Monday in San Francisco. It was also announced today that John Slattery, Judy Greer and […]