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Foursqare Now Lets Users Search For Venues In Other Cities

In its ever increasing attempt to become the new Yelp the team at Foursquare has released a new city search feature. Using the new update users can now search for venues in locations other than the spot indicated by their ISP address. In a second search box added to the Foursquare homepage users can now […]

Foursquare Now Allows Users To Check-In Their Friends

Foursquare now allows users to check-in their friends when they are at the same location. In a blog post on Tuesday the company writes: “Instead of you and four friends each pulling out your phone to check in at dinner, now one of you can do it for everyone. Less time spent on your phone, […]

Foursquare Settles On $20 Business Registration Fee

Foursquare has settled on a $20 registration fee for businesses that want to be added to its location based service. The new fee was settled on after the service tested out various price points for the service and found that most business owners were receptive to a one-time $20 fee. 1.4 million businesses have already […]

Foursquare Adds More Menus, Aims To Improve Local Search Results

Foursquare has been experiencing a massive transformative phase from check-in location based service to local search results platform. On Tuesday that transformation continues as the company rolled out new menus aimed at localized results. One month ago Foursquare rolled out a new app that it said would “reveal more of the world around you the […]

Foursquare ‘Explore’ Feature Now Available For Non-Members

In its ever growing attempt to capitalize on a gigantic database of customer reviews, venue information and check-in data, Foursquare on Friday announced non-member access to its Explore feature. Using the new service Foursquare members can click on a link button via its Web service. The clickable Foursquare button creates a shareable URL for venue […]

Foursquare Now Breaks Down Cultural Events By Location

Foursquare on Wednesday rolled out a new discovery feature that allows users to find cultural events in their immediate area. Among available information is authors appearances, plays, nearby business venues, and other information. Content for the new Foursquare cultural search arrives by way of its partnership with the urban weekly newspaper company Voice Media Group. […]

Foursquare Grasps At Relevance, Shows Off Global Check-Ins Map

Foursquare has posted a global map that showcases the strength of its last 500 million check-ins. The map specifically showcases check-ins for the last three months. Foursquare chose to post the map just days after financial research firm PrivCo claimed the company would sell in 2013 for less money than it has raised. The Foursquare […]

Foursquare To Share Full Name Information, More Of Your Data With Venues

Location-based service provider Foursquare now services more than 15 million users and soon the platform will share those users full names with venues. Under terms of its new privacy policy the company has told users that it will start to share full names with businesses so they can access larger data logs. The new Foursquare […]