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Twitter Announces HTML5 iPad Website

Twitter on Wednesday began rolling out a new HTML5-based version of the website for iPad users. The new site which is based solely off HTML5 standards and utilizes the iPad touch screen and offers a two column look which makes browsing on tablet devices a far more enjoyable experience compared to the typical […]

[Facebook] Is ‘Something Awesome’ Coming Next Week Facebook for iPad?

Just over two weeks ago, the New York Times speculated that the native iPad Facebook app was finally coming to the App Store. It’s a bit of a First World Problem, but if you’ve tried to Facebook on an iPad, it sucks. The only downloadable app is scaled for the iPhone or iPod, so it […]

Flipboard Adds LinkedIn Integration, More Social Options

Heavy iPad users often love Flipboard due to its ability to visualize news and streamline feeds. Expect Flipboard love to increase thanks to the update, Flipboard 1.5. A series of new additions and expansions have been made to Flipboard’s functionality, including integration with the popular business network LinkedIn and a few more social upgrades. One […]

Report: Facebook to Release Long Awaited iPad App

Using Facebook on an iPad is a bit awkward right now, as you know if you’ve attempted it. Currently, all that’s available in Apple’s App Store is the iPhone version of Facebook, which is frustrating to use on the iPad. The mobile site is also an option, but the lack of a dedicated iPad app […]

BeeTV HD iPad App Makes TV Watching A Social Experience

With a bazillion network and cable TV channels to choose from it can become quite easy to get lost in the mess of shows currently available to watch, however BeeTV hopes to rectify that situation with their new iPad app which allows users to receive personalized recommendations and share the shows they watch with friends. […]