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Boomf Lets You Eat Instagram Photos

Instagram is full of photos of delicious food, but what if you could actually eat the food? Mint Digital seems to have pondered that question, and came up with Boomf. Boomf allows anyone to have Instagram photos printed onto fluffy marshmallow squares which are delivered free right to your door. Of course, you don’t technically […]

Blue Instagram Photos Generate 24% More Likes, Study Finds

Instagram is home to over 150 million active users, and according to a new study from Curalate, blue photos generate 24 percent more likes. Curalate is a visual analytics and marketing platform, and analyzed over eight million photos while taking into consideration over 30 different factors. Factors included lightness, saturation, background ration and dominant color. […]

20 Instagram Users Who Inspire

Instagram hosts over 55 million new photos every day, and a new infographic from Seen lists 20 influential users in travel, food, fitness and home/DIY. Here they are split into each category: Travel Food Fitness Home/DIY Who on Instagram inspires you?

Red Bull Uses 21,000 Instagram Photos To Make Stop Motion Video

Instagram isn’t really a service that many people associate with action sports. But give a couple of Instagramers a few Red Bulls… Well, it’s actually a pretty cool way to make a video. Red Bull enlisted the help of three of the “biggest Instagramers in the UK” to create a stop motion video of the […]

InstaTwit Returns Instagram Photos To Your Twitter Account

Instagram photos normally display on the website but turmoil between the two social networks caused that to change. Last week Twitter announced that Instagram had stopped supporting Twitter Cards which allows its photos to display within the stream. Some users were seeing cropped photos and others weren’t seeing any photos at all. CEO Kevin […]