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HootSuite Announces Marketo Integration

Social media management tool HootSuite has over 1,000 Enterprise customers, and today announced new integration with marketing automation company Marketo. Marketo is a popular lead generation tool, and now users will be able to access their account right from the HootSuite dashboard. Here’s several features of the integration: -Generate qualified leads from social: Discover prospects […]

HootSuite Announces Oculus Rift Integration

The maker of the Oculus Rift was acquired last week by Facebook, and today social media management tool HootSuite announced new integration with the virtual reality system. Anyone who manages social media accounts knows how time consuming it can be, and also the toll it can take on your hands after hours upon hours of […]

Hootsuite Quickly Responds To DoS Attack, Ensures Users Their Data Is Secure

At 6:45 am PST the team at HootSuite were forced to deal with a denial of service (DoS) attack. The company quickly responded to the attack and then responded proactively to the attack. On the HootSuite blog CEO Ryan Holmes writes: “While HootSuite users were for a short time unable to access the dashboard, service […]

HootSuite Adds Ability To Upload Photos Via Pic.Twitter

HootSuite is one of the biggest movers and shakers in the social media management world, and added the ability to upload photos through Twitter’s own service. Since the beginning, users have had to rely on HootSuite’s own image service, but unlike Pic.Twitter, images don’t appear in Twitter streams. That changes today, and the new […]

Dr. Seuss Explains Twitter To Busy Executives

A CEO, COO, or other top executive at a company can make a great impact through the proper use of social media. Unfortunately, many executives find themselves unable to keep up with their own accounts. As the COO for a tech company, I often find myself with very little time left for my own social […]

HootSuite Takes A Play From Tech Giants, Creates Internal Lab

HootSuite recently launched new managed security and compliance services, and according to VentureBeat, has created its own internal lab. Appropriately named “HootSuite Labs,” the goal is to stay ahead of the curve by having a team focused solely on product development. The team currently consists of ten to 15 people, says VentureBeat, and the social […]

HootSuite Launches Security And Compliance Services To Help Protect Businesses

HootSuite is a favorite social media management tool among Fortune 500 companies, and today announced new Security and Compliance Services. Geared towards larger companies, here’s a quick explanation of what there is to offer: “HootSuite Managed Security and Compliance Services provides your organization the expertise to secure your brand assets, monitor for real-time security breaches […]

HootSuite Acquires Social Analytics Platform uberVU

HootSuite, one of the more popular social media management tools for businesses, has announced its acquisition of social analytics platform uberVU. Based out of London, uberVU will help the social media management tool expand its analytics offering. Currently, the social analytics platform has over 200 major brands onboard, ranging from NBC to companies like Heinz. […]