Foursquare Now Breaks Down Cultural Events By Location

Foursquare on Wednesday rolled out a new discovery feature that allows users to find cultural events in their immediate area. Among available information is authors appearances, plays, nearby business venues, and other information. Content for the new Foursquare cultural search arrives by way of its partnership with the urban weekly newspaper company Voice Media Group. […]

Foursquare Launches Mobile App For Desktop Business Management Tools

Today, Foursquare launched an app that brings its desktop business management tools to mobile, for ease-of-use by small business owners. The company launched its first mobile app in 2009, and the Foursquare for Business app is its second standalone mobile app. Available for Android and iPhone, the Foursquare for Business app lets business managers create […]

Foursquare Grasps At Relevance, Shows Off Global Check-Ins Map

Foursquare has posted a global map that showcases the strength of its last 500 million check-ins. The map specifically showcases check-ins for the last three months. Foursquare chose to post the map just days after financial research firm PrivCo claimed the company would sell in 2013 for less money than it has raised. The Foursquare […]

Foursquare To Share Full Name Information, More Of Your Data With Venues

Location-based service provider Foursquare now services more than 15 million users and soon the platform will share those users full names with venues. Under terms of its new privacy policy the company has told users that it will start to share full names with businesses so they can access larger data logs. The new Foursquare […]

Foursquare Fights Facebook’s Nearby Feature With More Facebook Integration

On December 17, Facebook launched its Nearby feature on iOS and Android to find local places whether it’s restaurants or retail stores. The new feature is a direct threat to Foursquare since users are able to check into locations. Foursquare, the popular location based check-in app isn’t going down without a fight and has launched […]

LocalBlox: Like Foursquare, But Connects Neighborhoods And Businesses [Exclusive]

Location-based social networks like Foursquare and Yelp have proven incredibly popular in recent years, but while the big guys duke it out for platform supremacy, a new location-based start-up called LocalBlox is quietly, but quickly, gaining steam with its own unique spin on this aspect of social media. LocalBlox is a Seattle-based start-up, best described […]

Foursquare’s ‘Recently Opened’ Feature Promotes New Businesses

Want to find a new restaurant to eat at? A new boutique to shop at or a new bar to drink at? With Foursquare’s new “Recently Opened” feature users can now learn about newly opened businesses directly from their iOS based app. Sorry folks no Android update for this feature yet. In a blog post […]

Election 2012: How To See Voting In Real-Time

Election Day is here and millions of Americans are hitting local polling places to cast their vote. With Facebook and Foursquare having their own check-in feature, they’re able to see just where people are at any given second of the day. With this wealth of data, both social networks have put together a real-time map […]