Foursquare Debuts For Windows 8, Focuses On Tablets

A new Windows 8 Foursquare app debuted this week during Microsoft’s appearance at the Build 2013 developer conference. According to Microsoft Vice President Steve Guggenheimer the new Foursquare app was designed specifically with tablets in mind. The Foursquare app for Windows 8 features large, full-screen entries for venues alongside an emphasis on photos. The Windows […]

Foursquare Now Allows Users To Check-In Their Friends

Foursquare now allows users to check-in their friends when they are at the same location. In a blog post on Tuesday the company writes: “Instead of you and four friends each pulling out your phone to check in at dinner, now one of you can do it for everyone. Less time spent on your phone, […]

‘Hell Is Other People’ App Is A Satirical, Misanthropic Foursquare [Video]

Do you hate people? Do you wish you had a social app that helped you avoid them? Scott Garner’s “Hell Is Other People” app does just that, helping misanthropes everywhere get a social beat on their pals so they know exactly where not to go. Called a part-satire “experiment in anti-social media,” the app uses […]

Foursquare Settles On $20 Business Registration Fee

Foursquare has settled on a $20 registration fee for businesses that want to be added to its location based service. The new fee was settled on after the service tested out various price points for the service and found that most business owners were receptive to a one-time $20 fee. 1.4 million businesses have already […]

Foursquare Adds More Menus, Aims To Improve Local Search Results

Foursquare has been experiencing a massive transformative phase from check-in location based service to local search results platform. On Tuesday that transformation continues as the company rolled out new menus aimed at localized results. One month ago Foursquare rolled out a new app that it said would “reveal more of the world around you the […]

Foursquare App Update For iPhone: A New Look And New Features

An update for the Foursquare app was released for iPhone users on Wednesday. The new update brings with it a new sleek interface. In its blog post Foursquare writes: “When we launched Foursquare in 2009, we wanted to help you navigate the world by showing you where your friends were hanging out. Now, after four […]

Foursquare ‘New And Notable’ Feature Launches For Android

Foursquare on Thursday announced a new feature called ‘New And Notable.’ As the name suggests the New and Notable feature reveals new businesses that have opened in the users area. Now users have the option to find any restaurant, bar, or other business they choose while highlighting the potential for new haunts. The app also […]

Foursquare ‘Explore’ Feature Now Available For Non-Members

In its ever growing attempt to capitalize on a gigantic database of customer reviews, venue information and check-in data, Foursquare on Friday announced non-member access to its Explore feature. Using the new service Foursquare members can click on a link button via its Web service. The clickable Foursquare button creates a shareable URL for venue […]