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Foursquare To Focus On Local Discovery, Launching ‘Swarm’ For Check-Ins

Foursquare users have checked in over five billion times since the app launched in 2009, but soon that’s all about to change with a dramatic update. Today, the company announced that Foursquare will shift to being all about local discovery, and a separate app called Swarm will be for checking in to locations. Swarm will […]

Instagram Looking To Replace Foursquare As Location Service With Facebook Places

Instagram may be seeking a way to replace its Foursquare API with ‘Places’ from its parent company Facebook. Foursquare is huge in the locations services space, and their free API is used by Vine, Flickr, Pinterest, and Path, among many others. Uber even uses the API to help drivers and passengers zero in on exact […]

Microsoft Invests $15 Million In Foursquare, Will License Its Data

Microsoft was reportedly interested in Foursquare back in August 2013, and today announced a $15 million investment. Our crowd-sourced places database has over 60mm entries and 5b check-ins, and one major new partner – Microsoft. — Foursquare (@foursquare) February 4, 2014 The tech giant has also signed a multi-year agreement to license Foursquare’s data […]

Foursquare Raises $35 Million In New Funding

Foursquare announced it raised $35 million in new funding today, up from the $41 million it raised in early April. To date, the social network has raised $147 million. The Series D round of funding was led by Capital Group and DFJ Growth, and according to a report from AllThingsD, investors are giving the location […]

Foursquare Ads Now Open To All Small Businesses

Foursquare has been testing promoted listings with a select few businesses, and today has made ads available to all small businesses. This is a big step forward for the location check-in service who has frequently been criticized over its lack of revenue after four years. Its main product, Promoted Listings, allow businesses to appear in […]

Foursquare Hits 40 Million Users

Foursquare raised around $40 million in April 2012, and now has users to match the round of funding at 40 million. This number is up from 35 million which the check-in service has been claiming thus far in 2013. In an effort to get more insight from users on improving the service, Foursquare has also […]

Foursquare For Android Receives Personalized Push Recommendations

Foursquare is rolling out an update to its Android app, allowing users to automatically receive personalized recommendations based on their current location. The new feature works without the need to check-in, and sips valuable battery life at just 0.7 percent per hour. For example, if you are a fan of sushi, having checked in at […]

Foursqare Now Lets Users Search For Venues In Other Cities

In its ever increasing attempt to become the new Yelp the team at Foursquare has released a new city search feature. Using the new update users can now search for venues in locations other than the spot indicated by their ISP address. In a second search box added to the Foursquare homepage users can now […]