Facebook Pages Hit With Bug That Prevents Updates

Facebook is dealing with one big headache after their Facebook Pages seem to be dealing with a bug. It seems official pages were experiencing a bug that means updates are being published. When a user goes to post they receive an error message stating, “there was a problem updating your status. Please try again in […]

Woman’s Before-and-After Photos Show the Truth of Anxiety Attacks

Living with Anxiety is not easy. It’s constantly second-guessing yourself, from things such  as picking up the phone, placing an order at a restaurant, or even receiving a compliment. Anxiety is like a big slimy monster who clings to you, and knows how to use all your insecurities and fears to ruin your day in […]

Babe-Alon 5 Serenades Bernie Sanders Barbershop-style

Bernie Sanders, bring me a dream Make it the strongest that I’ve ever seen The middle class will stop bending over and that’s when all the lonesome nights are over Sanders I’m so alone Don’t have a country to call my own Please turn on your magic beam, Bernie Sanders bring me a dream Love […]

Mommy Pole Dancer’s Awesome Moves Despite Belly Is Giving Us Life

Having a bun in the oven isn’t easy to do. There’s minding your diet, managing your moods, following your doctor’s orders, and getting your daily recommended amount of exercise. some moms-to-be opt for gentler activities, like taking walks, light yoga, or swimming. This mom, however, just has no chill: she’s a pole dancer to the […]

Suspect Trolls Police on his Facebook Wanted Ad

Facebook is a terrific place to bring people together — friends, lovers, parents and children, colleagues… oh, and suspects and the police. Sometimes, when the police put up a Wanted ad with the suspect’s photo on it, it just reads as less of a warning and more of a… really big temptation. At least, that’s […]

Ways Social Media Can Help You With You Homework

Social media has become such a vital part of everyday life. These days all ages, especially student-aged users, find themselves checking various social media accounts all day long. There are plenty of discussions of whether this use of technology is distracting or time-wasting, but there are also those that have found some clever uses for […]

You’ll Flip Over These Facebook Replies

Facebook is not only one of the best spots on social media to get in touch with friends an family, share your experiences, and even reconnect with old acquaintances. Just like Twitter, it’s also a source of great entertainment — even when the status posts and comments don’t mean to. (Thank goodness for witty FB […]