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Facebook Stories Launches 2012 Year In Review, See Your Biggest Moments

Facebook Stories documents people using the social network in extraordinary ways, and with the newly launched 2012 Year In Review, you can see your biggest moments this year. Heading over to, you’ll see a big photo that says “See Your 2012 Year In Review.” Clicking the photo will take you to a personalized page […]

Facebook Fundraiser Helps Kids In Philippines Get To School

Facebook Stories debuted in August 2012 and highlights ways that people are using the social network for greater good. In a new installment, Filipino blogger Jay Jaboneta wanted to help children in the Philippines. He heard a story that kids living in Layag-Layag were having to swim in order to get to school. Utilizing the […]

Facebook Bet Convinces Parents To Buy Kids A New Cat

Facebook is a great place to connect and interact with friends, family members, businesses, and even proved useful this past week in getting a couple of kids a new pet. The story goes like this: Seven-year-old Remi Urbano wanted a new cat. His parents, Dan and Marisa, were hesitant. After all, a pet can be […]