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Facebook Photos Still Receiving Most Engagement For Brand Pages

Having a hard time gaining engagement on your Facebook page? You might want to consider using more photo posts. A new study by SocialBakers finds that Facebook photos still receive the highest level of engagement among all forms of posting on the network. To conduct its survey SocialBakers looked at three different Facebook page sizes […]

Facebook Dispute Ends With One Teen Stabbing Another 65 Times

A Facebook dispute between two best friends ended with one teen stabbing another at least 65 times. Authorities say 16-year-old Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez was so infuriated following a Facebook dispute over uploaded pictures, that the young girl murdered her best friend, Anel Baez, also 16. Gutierrez received a Facebook alert whereupon she realized Baez had […]

Photos Make Up 54% Of Facebook Page Posts, Data Finds

Facebook gives images and videos priority in the News Feed, so it’s really no surprise that over 50 percent of Facebook page posts include photos. The stat comes from social media analytics company Quintly, who analyzed around 49 million posts across 72,194 Facebook pages from January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Here were the most […]

Anxiety Over Facebook Photos Linked To Eating Disorders

Facebook is an active social space for comparison, one that has been seen to decrease a healthy sense of body image in young women. An International Journal of Eating Disorders published study says anxiety over Facebook photos has been linked to eating disorders. An eating disorder can be defined as chronic under eating or compulsively […]

Facebook Pays Hacker $12,500 For Discovering Photo Security Flaw

Engineer Arul Kumar, 21, recently collected a $12,500 payday from Facebook. Kumar discovered a Facebook photo security flaw that allowed him to delete photos from any users account. Kumar exploited the flaw via the Facebook Support Dashboard which is used to send requests to remove unwanted photos by redirecting the removal request note. By altering […]

Facebook Launches Shared Photo Albums

Facebook experiences over 300 million photo uploads each day, and today has launched shared photo albums. Users will now have the option to add up to 50 people as “contributors,” and each contributor can upload up to 200 photos. This new feature will be great for Facebook users who want to easily group photos around […]

Facebook Selfies Can Hurt Relationships, Study Finds

Facebook photos, especially selfies, can negatively affect your relationships, according to a new study by U.K. researchers. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham and University West of England, found that users have a difficult time controlling exactly what each of their friends see. Because one’s “friends” can include a number of different […]