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Facebook Pages Hit With Bug That Prevents Updates

Facebook is dealing with one big headache after their Facebook Pages seem to be dealing with a bug. It seems official pages were experiencing a bug that means updates are being published. When a user goes to post they receive an error message stating, “there was a problem updating your status. Please try again in […]

Facebook Introducing New Video Metrics

Facebook rarely talks about its video product, and today announced new metrics that will give Page owners far more insight into how their videos are performing. Rolling out “over the coming weeks,” Pages will soon see video views, unique video views, average viewing duration and audience retention. Video views are only counted if someone watches […]

Photos Make Up 54% Of Facebook Page Posts, Data Finds

Facebook gives images and videos priority in the News Feed, so it’s really no surprise that over 50 percent of Facebook page posts include photos. The stat comes from social media analytics company Quintly, who analyzed around 49 million posts across 72,194 Facebook pages from January 1, 2013 to January 31, 2014. Here were the most […]

Facebook Pages Get Desktop Makeover, One-Column Design Now Matches User Profiles

Facebook Pages will soon have a look that is more streamlined and more closely matched to user profiles. The social network announced on Monday that the makeover will roll out later “this week” for users throughout the social network. Under the new setup Facebook Pages will now show all posts under a single column, just […]

Facebook Gives Brands More News Feed Exposure

Facebook has made it easier for brands to gain exposure on news feeds. Starting on Tuesday the company’s algorithm will look for instances when a page owners tags a separate brand or celebrity page in their page posts. When that tag exists the content will surface for followers on both Pages. To break down the […]

Facebook Making It Easier For Page Admins To See Who Posted What

Managing a Facebook Page with multiple admins can sometimes be a hassle, and the social network appears to be making the process a little easier. According to AllFacebook, Page admins will soon be able to see which admins shared specific posts, and comments. Head of Social Media at eToro Adi Yagil shared a screenshot (pictured […]

How To Create Beautifully Effective Facebook Page Tabs

Facebook Pages often act as another website for millions of businesses, and are a great tool to build an engaged audience for generating new sales or leads. However, did you know you can integrate beautifully designed apps within a Facebook Page? Launched out of beta in November, PageYourself’s f-Site tool helps to create beautiful looking […]

How The Newest Facebook Page Scams Can Be Spotted And Stopped

With more than one billion users actively engaging with friends, family members and co-workers on Facebook, we would expect most users to understand when they are being scammed. As it turns out even some of the social networks more experienced users are prone to falling for Facebook page scams. These programs are aimed at building […]