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[Update] Eight Months in Jail For Juror Who Facebook Friended Defendant

The woman who found herself facing serious charges after befriending a defendant on Facebook while serving on a jury in the woman’s trial has been sentenced. 40-year-old Joanne Fraill, the mother of three children and three step-children, sobbed and panicked as the eight-months-long jail sentence was handed down by a judge after the contempt of […]

[Social Precedent] Juror Faces Jail For Facebooking Defendant

One of the interesting aspects of social media moving into every area of our lives is the setting of legal precedent based on social media interaction. Social media has opened the proverbial can of worms when it comes to the law. Are social network activities legally protected under the First Amendment? The Fourth Amendment? In […]

Facebook: Not the Best Place to Advertise For a Hitman

Apparently Miss London Eley does not read SocialNewsDaily, because if she did, she would have known not to advertise and or solicit illegal activity via her Facebook Status Updates. But Eley, 20, is making headlines nationally after she updated on Facebook to ostensibly seek a hitman to whack her babydaddy. (I will mention here that […]

[Protip] Don’t Advertise Illegal Things on Facebook

A woman in Washington State is in hot water after it was discovered via Facebook that she was committing welfare fraud. The woman, who was not identified, reportedly used the social network to sell food stamps. (The sale of food stamps is a prohibited practice.) Tipsters- meaning the woman’s friends on Facebook- alerted the relevant […]

Should Facebook Be an Option For Process Serving?

Keep an eye on your Facebook inbox… in the not too distant future, it might contain a summons. The practice is legally murky, and hasn’t quite gained prominence in the states. But defendants have been successfully served in the UK and Australia, beginning with a foreclosure notice served through the social network down under in […]