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CollegeHumor Starts Facebook Campaign To Refund Dreadlocked Banana Guy

You probably heard about the New Hampshire man who blew his entire life savings on a carnival game only to walk away with a dreadlocked banana and absolutely zero dignity. The website CollegeHumor has now offered to bail the guy out of his dilemma, and it’s something you can help with. Henry Gribbohm, a 30-year-old […]

Instagram Parody Shows Us Exactly What’s Wrong With Our Society

It’s kind of funny how we all make like professional photographers on Instagram, isn’t it? Though the Chris Browns and Rihannas of the world act like they’re sooo deep and artistic on the popular photo sharing service, the truth is that many are simple egomaniacs and faux-tographers, who seem to think they’ve stumbled onto something […]

Pixelized Obama Vs. Romney In Election Deathmatch [Viral Video]

One more day and we can all go back to normal, right? If you’re looking for some humor and stress relief out of the 2012 election cycle, the website College Humor put up a humorous YouTube video which summarizes the latest presidential election and campaign neatly, point-by-point. The viral video hits all the right points, […]

[Video, NSFW] The Roast of Facebook

If you like the Comedy Central roasts, you might appreciate this social network version with Lisa Lampanelli and Gilbert Gottfried playing the parts of Foursquare and Twitter, respectively.