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The Most Brazen Home Break In Videos on YouTube

We live in a world where even our social media activity can make us a target for burglars. Whenever a burglar knows there’s an empty house he (or she) sees a great big bulls-eye. Whether it’s from a check-in somewhere on your social media account or from an obituary notice thieves are nothing if not […]

PewDiePie Vows To Delete Youtube Channel After Huge Changes To Site

Youtube superstar PewDiePie may be known for his hilarious comedy vlogs, but the Swedish vlogger is making some serious claims after Youtube made some serious site changes. Also known by his real name, Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie has around 49 million subscribers to his popular Youtube channel. However, he is vowing to start all over again […]

This Trump “Commercial” Is Too Kawaii For You

Get ready for the sugar rush you never imagined you’d actually want to experience. Sorta. Kinda. MikeDiva of Youtube has got his video editing game on, and how. This director and visual FX artist styles himself the “maker of videos/ music/ memes and dreams”, and has thousands of followers on his Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram […]

Here Are Four Awesome Documentaries On YouTube Right Now

I guess it must just be the nerd in me but I love a good documentary. I’ll watch them about literally anything and YouTube is a haven for great documentaries that you haven’t discovered. If you want a popular or very-well produced piece then you’ll have to head over to Netflix or Hulu, but there […]

Peter Yarrow Serenades Us With “The Colonoscopy Song”

It’s time to put on your grown-up pants, lie back, and tune in. You”ll never look at another colonoscopy session the same way again. Peter Yarrow, folk singer, social activist, and one third of the 60’s folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary has teamed up with CBS to sing about the joys, triumphs, and importance […]

“That’s A Big Ass Gator”, Reddit Trolls Terrified Fisherman

One fisherman and his son got more than they bargained for when they checked one of their catfish traps. Equipped with a GoPro and pedal boat, Lance Burgos thought he was going to get some great footage of a epic catfish. As he reaches for the line, he struggles to pull it to the surface. […]

Scholars Flip Their Wigs Over Youtuber’s Historical Hair Tutorials

Calling all history buffs! If you’re looking for a bit more authenticity and research in your hair tutorial videos, we just might have the Youtube channel for you. Janet Stephens is a professional hairstylist who also happens to have a deep-seated love for research and history. In particular, she’s taken her love for archaeology and […]