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Beau Biden Passes Away; Joe Biden Shares Words of Wisdom

Joseph Robinette “Beau” Biden III, eldest son to VPOTUS Joe Biden, a promising rising star in their political dynasty, passed away this Saturday after his immense battle with brain cancer for so many years. Beau Biden, 46, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in August 2013, and sent into remission two months after. However, it came […]

Hunter Biden Discharged From Navy For Cocaine Use

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was reportedly kicked out of the Navy in February after testing positive for cocaine. According to NBC News, Hunter failed a drug test in 2013. He was discharged in February of this year. Biden said in a statement: “It was the honor of my life to serve in the US […]

Joe Biden: Being Vice President Is A B*tch

Being the Vice President isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Joe Biden. The current VP told a group of students at Harvard today that being the Vice President was kind of a bitch. Biden was taking questions from the audience when one of the students introduced himself as the Vice President […]

Return Of The Mack: Joe Biden Joins Instagram

Vice President Joe Biden has joined Instagram, so get ready for photos of his lunch. The 71-year-old opened an account on the photo-sharing app on April 16 under the moniker “vp,” and quickly gained about 2,000 followers with one simple photo that says it all: This, of course, reminds us of one of our very […]

Joe Biden Revisits Twitter After 16-Month Hiatus

When not being pitched by the Internet for a reality show, Joe Biden has many duties to perform as Vice President, and today he revisited his official Twitter account. He says he’s cleaning off the dust for midterm elections, i.e., tweeting out to some 550,000 followers is great free promotion. Dusting off the Twitter handle […]

The Internet Really Wants To See A Joe Biden Reality Show

Hey, what does Vice President Joe Biden do aside from schooling young whipper-snappers in the GOP and branding everything he finds displeasing as “malarkey?” The internet is apparently keen to find out, with a White House petition asking for just that catching viral today. The petition, created Friday, demands that the Obama Administration “authorize the […]

Obama Campaign Buys Ads For Twitter Hashtag #Malarkey

Joe Biden sounded like the cranky uncle you avoid at Thanksgiving at last night’s vice-presidential debate, but the gaffe-prone pol was in fine form nonetheless, giving a great and seasoned debate that has many media outlets this morning declaring him the uncontested winner. The Obama campaign has wasted no time capitalizing on Joe Biden’s success […]

Vice Presidential Debate Generated 4 Million Tweets

The Vice Presidential debate generated 4 million tweets over its two hour period on Thursday night as Twitter users talked about the event and the politics surrounding it. While not as significant as the Presidential debate last week which garnered more than 10 Million tweets, Twitter has shown yet again how popular the platform is […]