Former Deputy Mayor of London Accidentally Uploads Nude Photos To Facebook

Former Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes is the newest politician to show us his penis. The 66-year-old accidentally uploaded nude photos of himself to Facebook after turning on an automatic upload feature on his smartphone. A screenshot (picture above) was captured by the team at TrendingCentral. Because Barnes set the auto upload feature to […]

Latest Obama Conspiracy: Twitter Lets Him Have More Than 140 Characters

They really don’t make Obama conspiracy theories like they used to. The latest has nothing to do with where he was born or what religion he practices (now considered the “classics”) but rather the influence he wields over social media … Twitter, particularly. It seems that Dick has bent the rules for Big-O … allowing […]

Ted Cruz’s Obamacare Filibuster Inspires Support, Mockery [Twitter Reacts]

As Ted Cruz “filibusters” over Obamacare, Twitter has split down party lines between those cheering on the political theater, and those mocking the latest GOP attempt to take down the health care law. Over on Twitter, Ted Cruz supporters are tweeting under the hashtags #KeepCruzin and #StandWithCruz to show solidarity — and jokesters are also […]

Michelle Obama Has Five Million Twitter Followers (And Half Of Them Are Fake)

First Lady Michelle Obama has 5.3 million Twitter followers, and a good chunk of them are fake. According to the Twitter stats app Status People, 37 percent of Michelle’s Twitter followers (just under 2 million) are considered “fake.” Of the remaining 63 percent, 35 percent are simply inactive (and therefore useless) while only 28 percent […]

What If Bill Clinton And Bill Gates Took A Selfie Together? See For Yourself

So Bill Clinton is catching up with this social media stuff pretty quickly. After running into Bill Gates at the Clinton Global Initiative this week, the two posed for a perfect selfie. A @billclinton selfie from #CGI2013 as we sat down to talk for an upcoming @WIRED story. — Bill Gates (@BillGates) September 24, […]

California Democrat Wants Children Dead, Calls Women Cumrags On Twitter

Allan Brauer, the communications chair for Sacramento Democratic Party, loves to make highly offensive and misogynistic comments on his favorite public forum — Twitter. While many of his tweets have been ignored in the past it’s hard to ignore him when he starts wishing death to his opponents children and calling women by highly offensive […]

#SenateMustAct Is Yet More Proof That Politicians Suck At Understanding Social Media

If you visit Twitter today and check out Twitter trends you’ll see the hashtag #SenateMustAct. That hashtag is being used to attack ObamaCare and talk about defunding the program before it goes live in 2014. While Republican leaders created the hashtag to reach their constituency it quickly turned into yet another example of useless internet […]