Smoking Scorpions to Get High is All The Rage in Pakistan Right Now

Every culture and country has their own methods of inducing extracurricular relaxation. Though alcohol and (medical, legal) marijuana seem to be the choice of many here in America, in Pakistan a disturbing trend has gained global attention and we thought we would take a moment to shine a light on it as well. People smoking […]

Industrial Waste To Blame for the Blue Dogs That Inhabit Mumbai Now

A group of roughly eleven blue dogs were spotted around August 11th in Mumbai, causing some locals to react. Turns out a local manufacturer has been shut down for dumping industrial strength into the Kasadi river, where many local dogs swim. Dyes that have resulted in eleven local dogs turning baby blue. Thankfully, no negative […]

Assam Woman Demands DEATH Of Her Neighbor for Killing Her Ducks

An Assam (a part of Northeast India) woman was recently up in arms about a neighbor of hers who killed her egg-laying ducks. The sad story is one of the ducks waddled onto his property and he beat it to death with a stick, and the woman approached the judicial system suggesting the man receive […]

Minimum Wage About To Drop Even Lower in Missouri

So everywhere in America right now, most states are fighting to raise minimum wage to a place where it is an actual, livable salary in today’s society. It is a “good fight” and a lot of hard-working Americans stand to gain a better quality of life as a result. Except for people who live in […]

Former Dominatrix Revealed As Cop, Hyman Fighting To Keep Her Job

So what if a woman got paid to professionally step on a man’s testicles?! I mean, isn’t that kinda what cops do sometimes anyway? I know, I know, they serve and protect, but I cannot see any issue with a former Dominatrix (I.E. Woman who got paid to hurt people and talk down to them […]

Disturbing Video Shows United Employee Throw 71 Year Old Man on Ground

United Airlines has not exactly been shining brightly in the presses lately, and that is about to get much worse for them. Seems footage has leaked of a 71 year old man  being violently shoved to the ground while having a minor dispute with said United Airlines employee. Obviously nothing the man said could have […]