Study Finds Women Sleep Better With Dogs Than With Human Partners

Getting sleep is actually more important than work or anything else your body needs aside from food, water, and shelter. Hence, better sleep always equates to better health especially for women since poor sleep is more dangerous to them than to men. So how do women sleep better? By sleeping with a dog… No, not […]

Strange Threat Looms Over Space Station, But It’s Not Aliens Or Asteroids

Space is certainly scary. Apart from the fact that the only thing separating astronauts from a cold, dark, and ugly death are pieces of metal and nylon, we also know zip about what lies beyond. It seems that the threats that humans face in space are also limitless, like space itself. Though it appears closer […]

McPoo-nalds: McDonald’s Touchscreen Kiosks Are Full Of Poop, Study Finds

Our love for junk food has probably taken its toll on us all to a certain degree. This is more apparent the older you get. After all, junk foods are by no means a natural diet intended for human beings. Even worse, it’s not just junk foods themselves that are harmful, but the act of […]