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Depressed? Lonely? Get Off Social Media, According To New Study

Digital technology is a double-edged sword which ruins us as much as it helps. On one hand, it makes our lives better and easier. On the other hand, it also introduces a slew of social and psychological problems which disrupts the way we communicate and see the world. The thing is, you can now alleviate […]

Menstrual Pads Are Now Being Used To Get High, Here’s How

Gotta admire us human beings, despite our resources being finite, lots of other things are limitless, such as our creativity and stupidity. Unfortunately, both of those are not mutually exclusive in certain cases. Cases such as teenagers in Indonesia who have become creative and stupid enough to get high using menstrual pads or napkins. Kids […]

62-Year-Old Snaps Penis In Two During Sex; Now It Looks Like Saxophone, Says Doctor

Too much of a good thing can easily turn into a bad nightmare of regrets and problems, especially when one pushes themselves too much. Even certain “harmless” activities like sexual intercourse can get dangerously ugly, especially for senior citizens. It just so happens that a 62-year-old man in Taichung, Taiwan managed to fracture his penis […]