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Some Very Interesting Facts About Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants feel like they are an oxymoron or paradox of sorts. We look at most plant life as physically passive, but just like all aspects of life on this planet, there are very much carnivorous plants that are predators, and thus, the paradox. How can something be two things at once? A seemingly passive, […]

Let’s Arm Teachers With Pillows and Puppies, Not Handguns And Rifles

Gun-wielding Republicans are convinced that giving our teachers guns will put an end to school shootings. However, those of us with any form of common sense know that giving kids easy access to weapons in school is a situation that certainly won’t end well. Aside from both the students and teachers who will definitely get […]

The Earth Is Flat And Climate Change Is Fake News

Have you heard? The earth is flat and climate change is fake news! Regardless of the abundance of scientific evidence that offers proof to the contrary, there is still an enormous part of the population that believes it’s all part of a conspiracy theory masterminded by the American government. Not to put all of the […]

Most Iconic Bromances In The White House

As they say, it’s lonely at the top, and being the president of the United States is no exception. This is likely why the White House has inspired so many friendships over the years, and perhaps why Trump wastes so much time sitting on Twitter. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic […]

(Live) YouTube Offices Have Had A Mass Shooting, Officers on Scene

Sadly, part of telling the news as a part of y our job is telling some of the tough stories people do not want to hear and that is just what this will be, unfortunately. Right now, YouTube is being treated as a mass shooting scene, though little is still known in terms of details. […]

Footage Showing All News Cast Propaganda is Pre-Written, Simultaneously

Personally, this is the kind of thing that shows you just how controlled and manipulated we are by the “media” right now and hopefully acts as a big wake up call to many of you that the news we are getting is not only sometimes false and written from a biased perspective, but also shows […]

Pennsylvania Allows Buckets of Rocks in Classrooms to Stop School Shootings

In what has proven to be a very surreal moment, Pennsylvania has just put something in place to stop needless school shootings. Their alternative: A bucket of rocks in each classroom. A five pound bucket, no less. I kind of wish I was kidding and yet, part of me respects that they are at least […]

Myth or Fact: Will Stress Turn Your Hair Gray?

It has long been believed that stress was a factor in some people’s hair turning gray. You have some people who get into car accidents or go through major traumas and parts (or all) of their hair turns gray or white, so we just assume to two are connected. But how many of us have […]