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WTF is This: Oklahoma Approves Nitrogen Gas For Death Sentences

Eye for an eye, right? I mean, killing someone is apparently PERFECTLY OKAY as long as THAT person killed somebody or did something similarly awful to one or more people. And a death sentence is one thing (not going to give my personal thoughts on that right now), but the fact that a prisoner’s recent […]

The Real Reason Behind Why We All Imagine Similar Looking Aliens

Technically and scientifically speaking, there is not an actual, living human being on Earth who has proven wholly they know what an alien looks like. Many of us have the same basic core ideas of what we THINK aliens look like in our minds (little gray dudes with big, onyx eyes, etc), but why is […]

R.I.P. Stephen Hawking: Here’s One of the Best Things He Ever Said

As many of you have probably heard, Stephen Hawking has passed on (MANY years he longer than he was told he would live) and everyone is broken up about it. His mind is so brilliant, he could think on levels outside out many of our basic level of understanding. From thermodynamics and the solar system […]

Florida Gun Show Sees Record Attendance Even in Wake of Shooting

You might assume in the wake of the recent mass shooting in Florida that, if anything, people would be more hesitant about buying guns, but if the gunshow this weekend is any indication, it just made people in Florida want semi-automatic weapons even more. You know, the old “you pull a gun on the guy […]

First National Banks Ends Working Relationship With NRA

It’s happening, people. That moment some of you feared IS happening, but it is happening because it has to. Slowly more and more people are turning away from the NRA, under the ideal that lately, guns have seemingly brought a lot of trouble to this planet then good when they end up in the wrong […]

Shocking Video Shows How Easy It Is For a Kid To Obtain A Gun

I will warn you, in the wake of the Florida shootings, this is a tough video to see, but it is one that NEEDS to be seen by ALL. We see a kid get turned away for trying to buy cigarettes, scratch tickets, and booze. “He looks like he’s 12” they remark. Mere moments later, […]

Looks Like Gun Laws May Actually Be Changing in Wake of Florida Shooting

There seem to be only two sides of the big gun debate in this country right now. On one side you have people screaming NO MORE GUNS and on the other side you have the people with guns who have done nothing wrong, genuinely upset they may be getting reprimanded for something they had no […]

What Extreme Temperatures and Environments Can Humans Survive In?

The human machine is a very complex and unique one. We are just that, after all. A machine made of flesh and blood (and organs that keep said blood pumping). But do you ever find yourself wondering what temperatures you could survive in, how deep you could swim without drowning or decompressing, how long you […]