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Coke Interested In Cannabis Drink; Weed-Infused Coca-Cola Might Soon Arrive

With the increasing popularity and medical benefits of Marijuana or Cannabis, it is only a matter of time before huge corporations start taking notice. After all, the next big thing is just around the corner and everyone would want to take advantage of it. Coca-Cola is no stranger to calling dibs on ideas, and paired […]

Someone Accidentally Painted Over An Early Banksy Mural

He might be one the most famous street artist in the world, but nowhere loves Banksy like his hometown of Bristol, UK. It’s the location that the grafitti master chose to host his divisive ‘Dismaland‘ exhibit, as well as where fans can find some of the artist’s earliest works.

Pregnant Woman Finds Dead Rat In Soup; Restaurant Loses $190m After Incident

One discouraging thing about eating outside is the frightening fact that you might find something repulsive in your food. This happens a lot in fast food chains that usually care more about quantity than quality. That sort of business mentality gets reflected by their food. Unfortunately, this sort of restaurant trend is not about to […]