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3 Crimes That Were Documented Live On Social Media

The social media is a powerful communication tool because it allows people from different parts of the world to communicate in real time whether via a simple chat or video call. It also enables users to show each other and the rest of the world what they are doing. The unfortunate part is that this […]

How Social Media Has Played a Role in Car Accidents

The emergence of the social media has proven to be beneficial to people in many ways. For one, it has connected people from the different parts of the globe allowing them to communicate in real time. Secondly, it has given businesses another venue to promote their products and services not only on a locally and […]

4 Key Areas of Focus to Start Selling More through Social Media

Social media has changed a lot of things. Not only has it changed how we connect with millions of people around the world and also instantly receive news as it breaks, it’s also changed the way brands connect with their audience, while also turning regular conversations and content into lead generation machines. Today there are […]

This Glorious Pasta Study Has Failed Us All

This is one bit of news that the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that great pasta diety in the sky, would vehemently wriggle its noodley appendage at in disgust. Pasta had its day in the sun earlier this week with some ground-breaking news that rocked social media. apparently, pasta not only does not contribute to obesity… … […]

Mice Prefer Action Movies to Porn, Study Suggests

Mice may prefer watching mouse-action movies to mouse-pornography, according to a team of Japanese researchers. Led by Shigeru Watanabe of Keio University, the team played videos for mice on iPods and noted how long the mice paid attention. The subjects were shown three different videos: one was sniffing related, another pornographic (for a mouse), and another […]

10 Percent of Graduates Think Judge Judy is a Member of the Supreme Court

Statistics have the power to make us act, make us angry, or make us sad. This poll conducted by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni will certainly provoke the latter two feelings. Conducted in 2015, the researchers found that America’s college graduates are depressingly ignorant of American history, politics, and law. The most damning of the […]

Fighting Crime Through Instagram

In one of our previous articles, we’ve focused on how social media can be used as a viable tool for tracking and locking down on crime. However, did you know that Instagram can actually be used as a tool for crime-fighting? Officer Eduard Ochoa of the San Francisco Police Department is currently its “Instagram Officer”. His […]

What the #@&? People Who Swear Might Be Smarter [Science]

Oh, #@&$! According to new research, people who are good at swearing might possess an important ‘verbal advantage.’ These findings stand in stark contrast to the long-held notion of “poverty of vocabulary,” the notion that people who use swear words often do so because they lack a large enough vocabulary to “properly” express themselves.