Men in Panda Suits Commit Armed Robbery

Pandas are notoriously lazy creatures. When prey became scarce in their natural habitat, they switched to eating bamboo out of pure convenience. Their dwindling numbers are due to human interference, but the fact that they’re literally too lazy to have sex certainly doesn’t help. They’ve also been associated with innocence and cuteness for a very […]

Carjackers Mistakenly Abduct Child, Drop Him Off at School

There’s nothing funny about getting your car stolen. At least, there’s nothing “ha-ha” funny about it. But you have to admit—there is something comical about a pair of bumbling thieves making off with your ride, only to realize they inadvertently abducted an 8 year-old boy in the process. That’s exactly what happened to one Norfolk, Virginia […]

Police Officer Arrested After Attacking Dunkin’ Donuts Employee

Never offer a cop a donut. Don’t do it. Even if your intentions are good. I’m speaking from personal experience, here. That was one ticket I couldn’t get out of. One gets the feeling that police officers are routinely teased about their stereotypical love of those little, fried circles of frosted happiness. But really, who […]

Amazon Reviewers Troll Author Who Assaulted British Teen

Richard Brittain is an aspiring author and champion of the Channel 4 game show “Countdown.” He’s also really bad at taking criticism. A teen-aged woman named Paige Rolland left a negative review for his book, “The World Rose,” on its Amazon page. This didn’t sit well with Brittain, who tracked her down, stalked her, and finally hit her over the […]

Father and Son Couples are Now Seeking the Right to Marry

The nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage comes with some surprising consequences, but they aren’t exactly the apocalyptic scenarios imaged by the law’s opponents. Before the Supreme Court decided state bans against same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, some gay and lesbian couples used a loophole to ensure they’d enjoy the same legal protections as any other family: adoption. That […]

Man Found Guilty of Trying to Murder a Corpse

An Australian man who shot his friend’s tenant twice has been cleared of murder charges, but convicted of attempting to murder the already-deceased man’s body.   C  rime is a fascinating spectacle. Punishment? Even more so. Just ask Daniel Darrington, whom an Australian Supreme Court just decided was innocent of murdering his friend’s tenant, but guilty of […]

These 3 Dumb Criminals Got Caught After Posting to Social Media

Not every criminal can claim the title “evil mastermind”. In fact, very few can. Want poof? How about these three dumb criminals who got themselves caught by posting on social media? Perhaps it was narcissim, which actually is the hallmark of some great criminal minds, or perhaps it was sheer clueless-ness that did them in. One […]