[Social Crime] Facebook Status Update May Have Prompted Armed Robbery

Although my personal list of things not to share on Facebook is short and succinct, we’ve discussed not airing your criminal laundry to all and sundry using Facebook or other social networks. And while sharing successes is perfectly acceptable, there is a fine line between updating and opening yourself to violent crime. No one likes […]

Facebook: Not the Best Place to Advertise For a Hitman

Apparently Miss London Eley does not read SocialNewsDaily, because if she did, she would have known not to advertise and or solicit illegal activity via her Facebook Status Updates. But Eley, 20, is making headlines nationally after she updated on Facebook to ostensibly seek a hitman to whack her babydaddy. (I will mention here that […]

Court Rules in Favor of First Amendment in Student Parody MySpace Cases

Two “divergent” rulings on the use of MySpace or similar networks to mock a school administrator by students were reviewed by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and a ruling in favor of the First Amendment was narrowly achieved in both cases. Students in separate Pennsylvania school districts were suspended after making “parody” accounts targeting […]

Twitter Files Domain Dispute Against Twiter.com

Twitter this week filed a domain dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), claiming that the web address Twiter.com is misleading internet users. Twiter.com has used the popular misspelling of the micro-blogging website to attract more than 125,000 monthly visitors to their site and then stealing user information whenever possible. Site owners at Twiter.com […]

[Protip] Don’t Advertise Illegal Things on Facebook

A woman in Washington State is in hot water after it was discovered via Facebook that she was committing welfare fraud. The woman, who was not identified, reportedly used the social network to sell food stamps. (The sale of food stamps is a prohibited practice.) Tipsters- meaning the woman’s friends on Facebook- alerted the relevant […]

Coventry First Sues Anonymous Twitter Critic, About To Discover Streisand Effect

Pennsylvania based secondary life insurance company Coventry First is suing an anonymous Twitter user who has set up a fake Twitter account criticizing the company. The Twitter user with the fake Twitter profile @coventryfirst first posted on May 27, and Tweets among other things that “the faster people die the more coventry first profits!” and […]

Louisiana To Sex Offenders: No Facebook For You

Sex offenders in the Deep South will not be able to legally use social networking sites under a new law set to pass in Louisiana. House Bill 55, which has passed the Louisiana Senate and will become law once signed off by Governor Bobby Jindal, will make it a crime for anyone convicted of a […]

Women Creates Facebook Sting, Learns Her Husband Is Planning To Kill Her

David Voelkert, 38, met 17-year-old Jessica Studebaker on the social network Facebook and the pair quickly started a friendship that led David to tell the teen about his plan to track down and kill his ex-wife, there was just one problem with his plan, it turns out Studebaker was a fake account created by his […]