This State Wants to Make Abandoning Your Pet in a Car a Felony

State of Michigan To Vote On Bill That Would Make Abandoning Animals In Hot Vehicles A Felony Offense The Michigan legislature is considering a pair of bills that would make abandoning an animal inside a locked car a felony offense, if the animal’s life is determined to be in danger. They would join 16 other states with similar […]

Are Corgis the Next Police Dogs?

Russian Police Are Testing Whether Or Not Corgis Are Cut Out For Bomb-Sniffing Duty. The phrase “police dog” tends to conjure images of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, or even Labradors. Few of us imagine the stubby, chubby, fluffy breed known as the Corgi would be of any use to law enforcement. Yeah, that’s right: Corgis. But Russian […]

Trump Supporter Charged With Slapping Police Horse In Face (VIDEO)

A protester outside a Kansas City Donald Trump rally was arrested for abuse of a police service animal. According to the police report, the woman attacked an officer mounter on horseback who was attempting to control the crowd. Fox 2 Saint Louis reports: “An officer mounted on horseback was involved in crowd control outside the […]

Gay Couple Attacked In Bed With Boiling Hot Water

A young couple was viciously attacked as they laid in bed, simply because they’re gay. Marquez Tolbert and his boyfriend were sleeping when a man poured boiling hot water on them, telling them to “Get out of my house with all that gay.” “The pain doesn’t let you sleep. It’s just, like, it’s excruciating, 24 hours […]

Wanted Woman Hilariously Trolls Police Officers On Facebook

An Auckland, New Zealand woman named Dayna Paparoam is currently wanted by police for breaching the conditions of her house arrest. After police put out an alert for her arrest on Facebook, she decided to log in and taunt the officers. We have to say–it’s actually pretty funny. The police department’s original post read: “Have […]

WTF: Man Waterboards Girlfriend Over Social Media Chat

Wisconsin Man Tortures Girlfriend Over Social Media Chat. Dylan VanCamp, a Wisconsin man with a history of violent crime, has been accused of waterboarding his girlfriend. According to a criminal complaint, VanCamp suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him with a man she was chatting with online. VanCamp has previous convictions for violent behavior, including strangling and […]

Woman Hates Haircut, Pulls Gun on Hairdresser

Mild overreaction? Woman pulls gun on hairdresser. Guns are a hot topic. It’s easy to frame the issue as “All the guns” vs “None of the guns,” but polling suggests the majority of Americans simply want, well, “Some of the guns.” Nobody is opposed to recreational shooting—the people for increased gun scrutiny only want to keep firearms […]

Man Arrested For Peeing on Walmart Floor, Putting Fish in Pants

People of Walmart: Drunk Man Arrested for Urinating on Walmart Floor, Putting Trout Down Pants Walmart is the wild west of retail stores. Vast, open frontiers of name-brands, knock-offs, and name-brand knock-offs. A glorious display of excess and capitalism in the ugly manufactured world of everyday low-prices. Even in this lawless territory, the drunk and disorderly can […]