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Hollow Win: Georgia Mayor Plans To Detain Paroled Sex Offenders During Halloween

A week before Halloween, people are usually cramming up preparations. Costumes, pumpkins, candies, and even the whole house decorations and parties, after all, it is a night of fun and terror– two words which usually are not compatible any other time of the year. However, the mayor of Georgia seems to only have terror in […]

Weed Them Out: South Korea To Arrest Its Tourists Who Smoke Marijuana In Canada

It seems the rest of the world is also celebrating Canada’s recent legalization for recreational marijuana use. Who wouldn’t though? Marijuana seems to be becoming the next liquor when it comes to cultural acceptance where after being banned for a long time, suddenly gets accepted as a norm. However, this might take a while, particularly […]

Ignorant Teens Cause Outrage After Conducting Nazi Salutes at Auschwitz

In 2014, a teen called Breanna sparked a furore online after posting a selfie of her smiling at Auschwitz. Now, a group of teen girls on a school trip to the WW2 concentration camp have managed to take stupid to a new level, after sharing a snap of themselves doing Nazi salutes at the infamous Gate […]

Town Makes Halloween Trick-Or-Treating Illegal For Kids

With roughly 20 days left until Halloween, families are scrabbling to stores across the nation searching for the perfect costume(s) — as well as decorations for the house, and the treats they’ll be handing out to door bell-pressers. However, if you are some of the ill-fated families residing in cities in Virginia … you may […]

Better Hit The Bathroom! No-Spanking Zones Established In One Suburb

We don’t necessarily condone beating kids, however there are times and situations where a stern discipline is called for. Providing your in-public temper-tantrum throwing child necessitates a fair spanking, if you live in one Detroit suburb, you might however want to ‘correct’ your child now somewhere out of sight.