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Supreme Court Says Religion Beats Gays: Score Tied 1-1

When the Supreme Court overturned key elements of the Defense of Marriage Act, it was a huge win for non-heterosexual couples. It removed serious barriers to marriage equality, enabling homosexual couples to receive equal treatment under the law. This was, however, something of a court shocker. At least as much as a Supreme Court ruling […]

Scumbag Martin Shkreli Gets 7 Years in Prison, Justice Sometimes Works

Here is a quick Martin Shkreli 101 for those who don’t know. Works for big pharma, buys out drug companies and raises the prices of AIDS and Cancer medication to the point where the modern human would be, I kid you not, paying two hundred dollars a pill a DAY to keep themselves alive. He […]

Twitter Gives It’s Thoughts on #GunReformNow Hashtag After Florida Shooting

As many of you are aware, there was another terrible public shooting in a Florida school with some wounded, many fatally. This, of course, has caused the trending hashtag today of #GunReformNow. Some think the guns are the problem, some want to blame the individuals. I can see both sides of the gun reform argument, […]

Not Even A Single Drop of Poland Springs Water is From A Spring

A class -action lawsuit has finally been levied against Poland Springs and their damning mis- representation of their product. Claiming to be from a fresh spring in Maine, Poland Springs water is actually GROUNDWATER. Even the Food and Drug administration agrees with that the fact that this IS a well-known fact and has been for […]

Social Media Law: Think Before You Post

There’s no question that social media is a power tool widely used in society today by teens and adults. But because it’s a free tool, it has also been abused by many victimizing a lot of people in the process. Now we have cyber attack cases that include identity theft, hacking, revenge porn and fake […]

You Can LEGALLY Challenge Someone To A Duel in Canada

We’d like you to reread that headline a couple times to really let the weight of how awesome this is sink in. Remember how in the game Red Dead Redemption someone could smack you or talk shit and then challenge you to a duel and you kind of had to do it? Well, that is […]

Lone Suspect Allegedly Apprehended in Manchester Concert Tragedy

What do you even say? What can you say? When our kids are targeted at pop concerts, you know this world is in a very bad place. As I am sure many of you are painfully aware, there was a rather nasty bombing at an Ariana Grande concert last night in Manchester, England. While details […]