Free Android Game Has You Fixing Pots and Getting Zen

So for you Andropoid users out there, you’ve had your fair share of fallout shelter pickup lines and papal emojis, and maybe you’re looking out for the next big thing to hit your mobile-bound entertainment. This new game we’re featuring doesn’t really have all the bells and whistles, nor the flashy graphics or adrenaline-pumping action […]

Nintendo Fans Aren’t Happy About Adam Sandler’s Pixels

Gamers find Adam Sandler’s new film positively abhorrent, but really—who didn’t see that coming? ideo games and cinema have notoriously bad chemistry. Gamers have to put up with directors who either don’t understand their subculture or pander to the lowest common denominator of movie-goer. The most recent example of geekrage has been aimed toward Adam Sandler’s nightmarishly […]

Video Game Characters Get Realistic Waistlines renders female characters from classic video games with measurements from average women. is a support organization for people struggling with eating disorders. Yesterday, they tried to call attention what they say are unrealistic body image depictions in video games. Using measurements from average women, they photoshopped female characters to have more realistic proportions. […]

Man Drugs His Girlfriend so He Can Keep Playing Video Games

NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA, Germany — A German court has found a man guilty of drugging his girlfriend because he didn’t want to stop playing video games with a friend, reports The Local. The man used an unnamed drug to sedate his girlfriend after she requested he stop playing. “I only put four or five drops into her tea.” He […]

Gaming Instagram Accounts To Follow

While Instagram is primarily an image sharing site, it hasn’t stopped brands from riding on the wave of its popularity. According to Universum Global, 67% of the world’s biggest brands are on Instagram. This visual social media platform has allowed businesses to increase their reach to their target audience and leave a more lasting online […]

Cards Against Humanity Launches ‘Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa’

Yesterday, the creators of irreverent party game Cards Against Humanity launched ‘Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa’, this year’s follow-up to the well-received holiday promotion that they ran back in 2013, ‘Twelve Days of Holiday Bullshit’. Fans of the dark humor that makes the card game special will be treated to ten mystery gifts over […]

‘Destiny’ Game Developer Gets Swatted In Washington

Police rushed to a home in Sammanish, Washington at 4 am this morning after receiving a fake 911 call about a hostage situation. The owner of the home has not been identified but Komo News reports that it was a “high-up executive” at Bungie, the company behind games like Halo and Destiny.  A neighbor said that a helicopter […]