Video Game Makers Unaware of Trump’s Anti-Video Game Summit Next Week

So next week, President Trump is going to hold a semi-secret-summit (say that five times fast, backwards while drunk) where he is going to attempt to blame all the current gun violence in the country on video games. No, really, this IS happening. Even though this argument has been brought up a MILLION times by […]

The Best Snake Games to Play on the Web in 2017

Snake games capture the attention of millions of gamers every day. In 2017, Snake doesn’t have to be a solo affair; it can be a highly interactive arcade experience. There are countless Snake titles on the internet, many of which thrust players into the same arenas. These games have evolved drastically since the 1970s, when […]

Into the Upside Down: Stranger Things Games

More than a year has passed since the Duffer Brothers turned the TV world upside down. Their Netflix original series, Stranger Things, became an instant classic. Steeped in 1980s pop culture, the throwback sci-fi show earned a plethora of accolades and traditional television show awards. Season 2 is due this Halloween, and it aims to […]

Copycats FTW in Online Gaming

Let’s face it: media creators are running out of ideas. How many times can Nintendo revamp the same franchises? (We’re looking at you, Mario.) The movie industry is undoubtedly the most egregious offender. There are literally more than 100 reboots and remakes slated for upcoming release. That list doesn’t include 2017’s Baywatch, The Mummy, and […]

Upcoming Games For PS4

Game developers have got to stop. At each year’s E3 we learn about the upcoming titles set for an imminent release, and each year we end up spending far too much money on games. E3 2016 was no different, and we don’t expect anything otherwise for 2017’s expo. But at this point, we don’t even […]

The History Of Online Gaming: An Interactive Timeline

I think we can all agree, online gaming has definitely came a long way. However, we probably have not realized all of the events that led to today’s ability to play hundreds of games with amazing graphics and features. Thank to our friends over at, there is an amazing interactive timeline that showcases all […]

The Best Free Online Games You Need to Check Out in 2017

Online games are among the most widely played games by the people worldwide. The online games, which offer a colossal variety are not amongst the favourite pastimes of children, but also of the people of all ages. These games not only allow you to pass your time, but also help adults unwind and release their […]

Top MMO Games That You Must Play in 2016

Massively Multiplayer Online Games or the MMO games are a combination of graphically brilliant multiplayer games and role-playing video games that give the player a chance to connect with a colossal community of game players. MMO games are highly popular among the online gaming enthusiasts and thus, glean great attention from these players.