Does This New Pokemon Look Like Donald Trump?

Look! A brand new Pokemon! Trump, I… choose… you?! Okay, maybe that didn’t turn out right, but do allow me to explain. Nintendo has just come out with a brand-new Pokemon trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon , introducing a new location to explore. here’s more evolutions to get excited about, and new moves to try on […]

The Pokemon GO App Store Reviews Are Anything But Good

Although Pokemon GO has swept the nation, a lot of people are criticizing the app pretty heavily. Nowhere are the negative views of the viral video game more evident than on the app store. In fact the Pokemon GO app store reviews make it seem like the game has been a plague to society. It […]

Pokemon Go is, Without a Doubt, the Pinnacle of Social Gaming

Pokemon Go Is A Milestone For Social Gaming On Wednesday, developers at Niantic released Pokemon Go. I was following the release closely and was even preparing to claim the username “Timothy” before anybody else—but since iOS got the game about an hour after Android, I was forced to adopt the far less in-demand moniker of “TimothyBertrand”. Brendan Lawson, […]

Nintendo To Release Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Games As Mobile Apps

Nintendo is taking its mobile apps a giant leap forward with announcement of full-fledged games to be released as apps. First up will be Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, the latter of which can connect to recent console versions of the game for extra features. In a press release, Nintendo stated: “Nintendo plans to release […]

Addicting Game on Poki Is A New Multiplayer Twist On Classic Snake Game

A new online game on is taking Internet gamers by storm. A twist on the classic Snake game, is a trippy revision of the old concept. The concept is nothing new. Most of us remember the game of Snake, you move a small “snake” around the screen gobbling up randomly appearing dots. The […]

Watch Luigi Wreck Super Smash Bros. Characters Without Even Moving [VIDEO]

Hilarious: Luigi Wrecks Other Super Smash Bros. Characters Without Even Moving. Super Smash Brothers is serious business. From high-stakes tournaments to gambling matches, it’s every bit as competitive as a sport you’d have to put on pants for. But there’s still room for humor—like this video of Luigi doing absolutely nothing while a bunch of […]

The Video Game That Will Change All Video Games

Some innovations have the power to revolutionize entire industries. Video games have steadily improved with advancements in technology, but the period of development between the last generation of console and PC games and the current one has slowed down somewhat. The improvements we expected to see are there, but they’re hardly mind-blowing. Now, an incredible […]