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Japanese Guy Uses Wiener To Outsmart Greedy Video Game Loot Box

There certainly are plenty of uses for wieners other than food or doing hotdog pranks. We’re talking about the food wiener, not the “other” less wholesome wiener. So if you came for the latter, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Just kidding, I’m not sorry. Anyway, some Japanese guy invented a way to outsmart a game’s […]

Without The Great Depression, The Biggest Money Game May Not Exist

Nothing can have a family at each other’s throats quite like a merciless game of Monopoly. Though the next time you’re close to throwing blows with your loved ones over who gets the car game piece, stop for a second to recollect where the board game came from.

The Top 10 Games Everyone’s Playing Right Now

Ah, the grand tradition of timewasting. Everyone’s got their own way to do it, whether that be something academic and intellectual like reading books, or something crazy like running for pleasure. Those of us who prefer our entertainment a little more digital flock to video games, though, and there’s never been a better time than […]

45-Year-Old Man Threatens To Shoot 11-Year-Old Over Fortnite Game; Gets Arrested

The idea that video games cause and incite violence among children is quite scandalous and selective even. That would be like saying television shows or even books cause violence, when all people really have to blame for violence is themselves. Oh, and video game related violence is also not just limited among the youth, in […]

Do You Think You Know Your Trivia? Try These 3 Live Trivia Games

Are you a geek? Do you pride yourself on knowing something about everything? Do you have the incredible ability to know all the nitty-gritty details of a particular field? Perhaps, it’s time you started considering testing your expertise in one of the many new live trivia games taking the mobile space by storm. In March, […]