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Does Your Business Have Its Social Media Presence On Lock?

Social media is an excellent tool to attract, retain, service, and communicate with your client base. Whether or not you actively maintain your presence on social media sites, customers and clients are searching to see what your company has to say on social media services and sites.

Managing your social presence proactively is an inexpensive, high-ROI way to find and impress new clients and customers and allow your current base to keep in touch.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and business blogs are better than traditional advertising when it comes to realizing business potential.

Here at Social News Daily, we excel on two fronts: content and social media.

Regardless of your need, our team can provide tailored and effective packages to fit your budget and build out a rock-solid social media presence for your business.

In April, we’re offering new clients a complimentary social media audit.

We’ll take a look at your current social media presence, and propose a plan to best suit your needs and budget. Our services include:

Site Content: One-time or repeating packages to increase your blog content and website hits;

♦ Facebook Management: More fans, more content, more reach. We make your Facebook page into Your Facebook Page;

Twitter, Tweeting & Engagement: Tweets, re-tweets, and customer service. We find the best links for your dynamic social presence;

Comprehensive Total Social Media Management: Get all your social media needs handled in a single place for one predictable cost. We’ll tailor a package to fit your mid-to-large sized business needs.

Contact for your complimentary social media audit.




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