Dead Corpse Instagram Selfie Goes Viral, Teen In Trouble Over Restricted Photo

A high school student in Alabama is in trouble after she posted a selfie pic on Instagram. The student was attending a field trip to the University of Alabama at Birmingham when she snapped a photo of herself with a dead body inside the school’s biology lab. The lab strictly prohibits the use of cell […]

Redditor Spots Steve Carell In Mom’s Yearbook, Level: Mustache [Image]

Redditor rere123rere123’s mom went to college with Steve Carell. Above is his yearbook photo. The 51-year-old actor studied history and theater at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, and graduated in 1984. Exactly 20 years later, we all get to enjoy his mustachio’d yearbook photo on r/pics, as well as stories from other redditors with a […]

Panoramic Photo Breeds Bizarre Centipede Poodle [Photo]

No one in the office knows practically anything about photography, but I’m going to go ahead and guess that a panorama shot involves leaving the shutter open and turning the camera slowly so that a wider photo can be captured. That’s exactly what redditor lukeallen1 was doing in his backyard when a dog walked through […]

Dog Meets Tingly Scalp Massager, Gasms [Photo]

If you’ve never beheld the orgasmic pleasure of the scalp massager, buy one on Amazon right now and sit in front of your door every day until it arrives. It is, quite simply, one of the greatest inventions ever, and we hope that whoever made it is enjoying well-deserved mai tais on his well-deserved island […]

Predator Dog Is Technically A Predator [Photo]

This dog sure looks like a predator, doesn’t it? Well yeah, technically this dog is a predator. This dog is also literally a predator. You know, on the food chain and shit. A pretty spirited debate broke out on reddit over mikachu22’s dog today. Along with the above photo, mika writes “I’m convinced my dog […]