Woman Brilliantly Makes Man Regret Sending Her Dick Pic

  Majority of you now the awkwardness, disgust, and horror an unsolicited dick pic can bring. (and if you have experienced one, I’m so very sorry.) Why do they even send these things? That same question was plastered all over “Samantha Mawdsley” when she received an unsolicited dick pic, tailed with a trite compliment that […]

This Guy Says “Mom, I’m Fine” In the Coolest Ways Possible

When you’re a mom, particularly the mom of a grown-up avid traveler, there will certainly be moments when you can’t help but be beside yourself with worry for your kid. Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, a 27-year-old former model, understand this very well. So, being the sweet son he is, he devises an ingenious way to say […]

JK Simmons Gets Swole and Freaks Out Internet

While we covered the debunking of a few rumors surrounding a flamboyant, ever-lovable gym-energizer-bunny Simmons we send virtual hugs to, here’s another Simmons whose gym exploits are making the internet go loco with his own trainer’s Instagram shots. Y’all remember JK Simmons? You might better remember him s J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi […]

Internet in a Twist Over These Double-crossed Legs

When you got legs as limber as this, you have every right to show ’em off — even in the subway. The internet went wild over this picture posted on Reddit a few days ago by the user SickofFeelingNumb, and it’s seriously easy to see why. View post on imgur.com Suuuper queasy-easy to see why. […]

“Tramps Against Trump” Sends Nudes To People Who Vote Against Him

“Send nudes”? Only if you’ve voted against Trump. This group of bold, brazen and political women are choosing to make a stand by taking it all off. “Tramps against Trump” is vowing to send nudes to anyone who can prove they have voted for any other candidate except the hay-haired taco-tripping mogul. They also are […]

Float Away On These Summer Ice Cream Dreams

Aaaah, Summer. Oh, you beloved season of joy and contentment, what would you be without backyard cookouts, fireworks, and yes, ice cream? Ice cream is one of the deepest, most profound noms of summer. This year, it just seems ice cream has come into a revival of sorts, with frosty-sweet creations in a race to […]

These Father-Daughter Illustrations Will Melt Your Heart

It’s that old quote by Wilhelm Busch, “Becoming a father isn’t difficult, but it’s very difficult to be a father.” Meet Yannick Vicente. Yannick has a flair for drawing exciting and imaginative scenes of fantasy, and has a fine technical skill which has been honed through hard work. He has illustrated for comics, magazines, and […]

Fans Stick Hodor To Elevators and Things to Commemorate Hodor

Hodor, Hodor. Gone, but not forgotten. People love you, and they will never look at an ajar door the same way again. Season 6, episode 5 of Game of Thrones broadcast Sunday and crushed the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. It wasn’t enough to grieve on cyberspace — people had to take it well […]