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Woman in Ukrainian Grave Was Buried Alive with Her Dead Husband

When archeologists discovered an ancient couple buried in a loving embrace, it intially seemed like a sweet gesture. Perhaps, their loved ones, knowing their passion for one another in life, chose to lay them to rest together, resulting in 3000 years intertwined in their grave before being discovered.

Guess Who Pops Up If You Google The Term “Idiot”

Donald Trump may think he’s “like, really smart,” but it turns out the internet doesn’t agree. Rumour has it if you Google image search the word “idiot,” then the first thing you should is see several pictures of the US president pulling a range of ridiculous facial expressions, from bored to bemused (although who knows […]

Almost Famous: Meet the People Who Share Their Names with an A-Lister

Sharing your name with a celebrity may seem cool in theory, but it turns out the reality is quite different. We imagine perks such as free drinks and designer hand outs, but it’s actually pretty inconvenient having a famous moniker without the star power to back it up.

This Guy Spent Months Turning Home Into a Scream-Inducing Escape Room

When we say “nightmare flat,” we bet you’re thinking mould in the shower and mice in the kitchen. Or perhaps comes with the kind of odd roommate that makes the girl from Single White Female seem sane. However, this British man has taken things to a whole other level!