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New Purge Poster Feels Like An Eerie Prediction of Our Country’s Future

I won’t spend much time talking about this new Purge movie poster, as I have writer foot-in-mouth disease today (and we very rarely discuss film on here, but this poster is very much here for political reasons, make no mistakes) but honestly, the new movie poster they just released today for the upcoming Purge prequel […]

8 Times Melania Stole The Style Of A Kardashian

Who would have thought that our country would have a First Lady with a former career in nude modeling who takes style tips from the Kardashians before having our first female president. Not to mention the fact that she’s a Slovenian immigrant married to a president who won his place in the office based on […]

Who Wore It Better: Melania Trump or Carmen Sandiego?

Before now, it’s likely that you thought the only similarities between Melania Trump and Carmen Sandiego is that people never seem to be able to find them. Especially in regards to Melania who seems to go missing anytime there happens to be an event involving her husband going on. Since Ms. Trump has become the […]

Armpit Tattoos: The Seemingly (Not So) New and Painful Trend

There has been much talk about armpit tattoos online lately. Seems since people have begun posting themselves getting them done on Instaham, everyone who has never seen it before seems to think it is a new trend. It isn’t, though it was never quite as popular as it seems to be getting now. Matter of […]

5 Snap-Happy Cities To Spend Some Time In According to Social Media

With social media providing a window into some of the most photogenic destinations to visit, it’s no wonder we allow social media to influence our travel plans. As we follow and admire, captivated by the Wanderlust of social influencers, we also gain some glimpses into the types of lifestyles that could be experienced in different […]

Hillary Clinton Makes Face — For The Cubs, or The Yankees?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on the route to the presidential seat has been quite the roller coaster ride. From her choice of running mate, to her endorsement from the Obamas, to the discussions surrounding her third and final debate tussle with Donald Trump, Hillary’s journey is nothing if not fraught with speculation, suspicion, and breaking down […]

Get Thrills and Chills with This Makeup Artist’s Halloween Skills

Just when you thought you’d seen all there is to see of Pinterest-worthy Halloween makeup artists getting their paint pots and brushes, here comes this makeup artist who just wows us to no end. Sarah Mudle is one talent that won’t be ignored on social media. She’s been hard at work with her 31 Faces of […]

This Gorgeous Aussie Photo Campaign Will Make You Feel The Love and #Respect

As the song goes, “If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you?” this photo campaign aims to not only paint its subjects in strokes of black and white, but in life, compassion, and #respect. Melbourne-based home builders Porter Davis launched this beautiful campaign on social media to show how wonderful […]