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American Man Kidnapped By Taliban Freed, Doesn’t Believe Trump is President

In the Kubler-Ross stages of dealing with death and loss, denial IS the first step, and it seems that is just what one American soldier and his wife who were being held by the Taliban felt when they found out who the president was. They LITERALLY thought someone was messing with them because even to […]

The Inherent Problem With Our Smartphones

Smartphones are a duel-sided blade. On one side, we have never been more connected to everything in the entirety of our lives. From getting a ride when we are drunk (Lyft, anyone?) to literally having a voice that pops up on our phones and tells us how to get where we need to go if […]

I Won’t BRB: AOL Instant Messenger Finally About to Shut Down Forever

Photo via CNN,YouTube What, AOL instant messenger is still a thing? Very much so, yes. You always have to give AOL props. Even though their software became somewhat obsolete (even though they STARTED the trend of online chatting), AOL instant messenger has been up and running this WHOLE TIME. Yes, even fifteen years after you […]

5 Ways to Engage More Viewers with Social Media Videos

Videos have become a fixture on social media, and more people watch more hours of videos consistently with every passing year. Brands have quickly caught on to the benefits of videos, and one in particular has driven them to wholeheartedly embrace videos: Engagement. The fact that videos are able to provide higher engagement levels that […]

Dad Learns Brutal Lesson in Why You Don’t Swear In Front of Kids

WARNING: Adorably coarse language ahead. I am gonna be honest with you, this is my new favorite kid of all time. Some of us hear a word once and immediately know it is our favorite thing, and this kid is one such example. But being a former Marine turned new Dad I can see where […]

Coming Soon: Amazon Will Be Delivering Five Guys, Chipotle, and Even Denny’s Food

It is like all my greatest dreams AND nightmares becoming real at the same time. On one hand, I have a BRAND NEW Amazon distribution center in my city ten minutes from my house, which means the “coming soon” food delivery service that Amazon now promises to deliver, featuring ‘freshly made fast-food” delivered to us […]

The Most Brazen Home Break In Videos on YouTube

We live in a world where even our social media activity can make us a target for burglars. Whenever a burglar knows there’s an empty house he (or she) sees a great big bulls-eye. Whether it’s from a check-in somewhere on your social media account or from an obituary notice thieves are nothing if not […]