Insight Lands on Mars, Finds Giant Sign Pointing to Trump’s Origins

The tension in NASA mission control was thick in the air, an over-wound clock ticking away in each of the engineers who had dedicated the last five years of their lives to this launch. The room represented some of the smartest people on the planet, and certainly some of the best minds in space exploration. […]

President Trump Nears Personal Goal of Being the Herbert Hoover of Climate Change

If you recall much of your high school history class, President Herbert Hoover may tickle your memory slightly. He is often decried as one of the worse presidents. He took office on the precipice of the Great Depression and proceeded to do almost nothing useful. While it’s debated how much Hoover could have lessened the […]

These Responses To the RNC’s Tweets Selling MAGA Gear Are Too Funny Not To Share

The RNC, or the Republican National Committee, is responsible for promoting the Republican political platform and organizing fundraisers for the GOP. They’re basically a glorified booster club and have taken to social media to sell MAGA hats, shirts, and even dog leashes. Not only did they take advantage of Black Friday, but National Puppy Day, Mother’s Day, […]

6 Florida Recount Memes That Will Have You On The Floor Laughing

Is it just me or does Florida manage to make every significant election more difficult than it needs to be? The state is so politically divided, that results often end up being close. So close, in fact, that they have to proceed with the recount process, something that Florida is known for screwing up. (Specifically, Broward […]

12 Hilarious Tweets Of People Realizing Trump Respects Turkeys More Than Women

The annual Presidential Turkey Pardon is a darling tradition that goes back decades. With all of the cameras and photographers present though, Trump took it as just another opportunity to make an absolute fool of himself and our country. While he was busy doing all that, he asked if he could touch the turkey and […]

10 Hilarious LGBT T-Shirts For Your Supportive Parents

Parents who support their LGBT children are the rockstars of family members, and as the rockstars of the family, they deserve a kick-ass rainbow t-shirt. Whether you’re just coming out to your parents now or have been out for years, there’s no better way for them to show their support than by wearing the rainbow […]