Supreme Court’s Arizona Voting Law Decision Leads To Pundit Reactions On Twitter

The Supreme Court’s Arizona Voting law decision on Monday ruled that states cannot on their own require would-be voters to further prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system that was setup to make voter registration easier for everyone. In a 7-2 decision the justices threw out Arizona’s voter-approved requirement. Under the […]

Hillary Clinton Personally Takes Over Her Twitter Account

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton didn’t touch her Twitter account for the last year in her role as the Secretary of State. Now the potential future US Presidential nominee is back on the social network and ready to tweet. @HillaryClinton became a famous account after it was parodied by the Tumblr blog Texts from Hillary. […]

#ObamasNextPromotion Is TCOT’s Answer To Rice Appointment

Over on Twitter, #ObamasNextPromotion is trending, with conservatives reacting to the appointment of Susan Rice to the position of National Security Adviser. You see, Susan Rice inspired the #ObamasNextPromotion hashtag by being essentially blocked from Senate confirmation for the position of Secretary of State due to her link with the Benghazi commotion. Liberals this morning […]

Boston Bombings Barely Affected Online Immigration Reform Debate

Twitter analysis performed by researchers at the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR) at George Mason University showed that the Boston Marathon bombings barely affected immigration reform conversations on social media. Researchers collected data from more than 750,000 tweets using the word “immigration” starting in February of this year. Jim Witte, director of the IIR, explained: […]

Mark Zuckerberg Launches Tech Lobby, Critics Wonder Why

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a new tech lobby today,, that he created in collaboration with powerful friends in Silicon Valley. But with so many lobbies already in the technology industry, some critics have asked what Zuckerberg’s initiative will bring to the table. is described as a bipartisan group, designed to promote policies […]