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ISIS Wanted To Assassinate Trump Last Year; But Secret Service Saved Him

It should be very clear by now that a lot of people do not like Donald Trump, both as a person and as a president. Hating him is one thing, wanting him dead or plans to assassinate Trump, well, completely different and, perhaps even unwarranted. Still, that did not prevent the assassination attempts against Trump, […]

12 More Political Halloween Costumes to Avoid in 2018

When you’re dreaming up the perfect, poignant Halloween costume this year, it’s tempting to turn to the headlines in search of inspiration. After all, politics has taken as much of the spotlight in 2018 as anything else. It’s bled into practically every conceivable facet of American.

Adorable Babies Dressed As Politicians For Halloween

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your baby’s first Halloween or you just need a laugh, I assure you won’t be disappointed. These politicians have never looked more adorable. Everyone from Bernie to Trump is represented, and these pictures are a must see! Check out the most adorable babies dressed as politicians for Halloween!

Donald Trump’s Classic Halloween Costumes Before He Was President

Remember that time Donald Trump dressed up for Halloween? Of course you don’t because the guy has probably never worn a costume in his life. Growing up he was the kid who put his hat on backwards while trick-or-treating with friends and called himself Vanilla Ice. Regardless, he has been caught on camera in a few unique […]

Fragile White Men Are Powerful in Numbers

The day of when men running everything is ending. Not in a mythical “white genocide” way, not at all. Minority power is ascendant. It’s obvious to anyone paying a lick of attention. But white men are going to kick and scream as their radically unfair distribution of the pie (all pies, really) is cut down […]

8 Democrat and Republican Candidates Who Are Totally Missing the Point

It goes without saying that the mid-term elections in 2018 will go down as one of the most fiercely fought campaigns in political history. When people across the United States head to polls on November 6, they will cast their vote for an array of Democrat and Republican candidates representing a huge swath of American […]

Replacement EPA Chief Likes Conspiracies, Racist Memes

You probably thought that we were really in for it when Scott Pruitt was in charge of the EPA. And you would have been right. Pruitt went around abusing his position with a fervor bordering on the religious, making no attempts to conceal how blatantly he was misusing government funds. He also seemed to hold […]

9 Of The Greatest Kavanaugh Cartoons To Come Out Of This Whole Debacle

The media coverage of Brett Kavanaugh’s trial has been unbearable, regardless of which side your views land on. For a while, it was impossible to open a paper or check your social media pages without seeing his or Christine Blasey Ford’s name in a headline. Now that the trial and investigation are both over, we […]