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Fake Trump Tweets So Bad They’re Good

Donald Trump might call any negative storyline about himself “fake news,” so perhaps we should take a moment to look at some actual fake news. Or, fake tweets. There are so many parody Twitter accounts and fake tweets out there, and surprisingly some of them are actually hilarious. There’s even a website you can go to […]

What History Teaches Us About Child Displacement

Children need their parents. Knowing that mom and/or dad are there is where kids find their normalcy, their routine, their safety. Psychologists agree across the board that separating children from their parents causes lifelong psychological trauma. For a “very stable genius,” Donald Trump doesn’t seem to grasp this very simple idea. Neither does his evil […]

7 Photos That Show No One Can Take A Joke Anymore

Everyone is so sensitive these days, and even the simplest joke can set off an army of oversensitive reactions that are honestly a major buzz kill. People are losing their jobs, reputations are being destroyed, and lives are being ruined all because we’ve lost our sense of humor. These photos show that no one can […]

Trump Caves on Concentration Camps, But Everything Is Still Awful

Bowing to incredible, society-wide pressure, Donald Trump today announced that he would scale back his brutal, inhuman immigration policy of forcibly separating the children of immigrants from their families. This decision comes after huge public pressure, both online and in person. A group shut down a detention center—or rather, one of the concentration camps—in Portland […]

Trump Wants Space to Know Which Earth Country Is Number ‘Effin One

Donald Trump on Monday made quite possibly the most agreeable announcement of his entire administration. Okay, sure, by this point, every time the president speaks in public without inciting a foreign power or insulting a minority group it qualifies as an “agreeable announcement,” but on Monday number 45 really outdid himself. In the midst of […]