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7 Times Millennials Got Fed Up And Let Baby Boomers Have It

Baby boomers have had it out for millennials from the moment we received our college degrees and started gunning for their jobs. They say we have it easy, we’re entitled, and spend all of our time staring at our cell phones. We live with our parents well into our 30s and put avocados on everything. They […]

For “Christian Conservatives,” the GOP Sure Loves Sexual Misbehavior

You’d think that, by now, the GOP would have been exposed for the hypocritical jerk bag convention that they so clearly are. And yet, they have somehow maintained the position in the United States as the party of moral rectitude and good Christian gentlefolk in every hill and dale. Considering the massive number of Republicans […]

Trump-Omarosa Feud Escalates Into Insults; President Calls Fired Aide A ‘Dog’

It may be nothing new right now to know that a lot of people hate Donald Trump. The current U.S. President has certainly gained a notorious status for having a “foul mouth,” even before he became president. However, Trump is under a new controversial spotlight after calling someone a “dog” and referring to them as […]

8 Words That Had to Be Redefined Because of Trump

Donald Trump may think he’s some kind of genius, but all of those brilliant yet mysteriously unknown people (called lexicographers) who are in charge of choosing words in all of our dictionaries would likely disagree. In fact, both Merriam-Webster and have been trolling the president pretty much since he was elected. As Trump likes to […]