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4 Reactions To GM Layoffs That Blame Trump

If you haven’t heard, General Motors recently closed five locations leaving 14,000 people without jobs. Regardless of the fact that they had recently received millions in corporate tax cuts intended to produce jobs, like most of the major corporations who received this Trump conceived perk, GM didn’t use the money to invest in its workers. Instead, they decided that they would be building their […]

The Far-Right Tries To Prove Migrant Photos Are Fake And The Results Are Hilarious

It didn’t take long for far-right conservatives to come up with a radical conspiracy theory surrounding the incident that happened at the U.S. border last week. Even though dozens of photos and videos were released showing migrants suffering from the effects of tear gas, Trump’s fan club picked apart a single picture and labeled the […]

15 Disturbing Photos Of Migrants At The U.S. Border

What started out as a peaceful march turned into chaos as Central American migrants were met with tear gas at the U.S border. Agents used the gas on hundreds of men, women, and children who were running toward a border crossing into San Diego, receiving severe backlash from the public. Tear gas isn’t even prohibited to […]

French People Suddenly Very Upset About Being French

It’s been a tough week in France, and we can’t overstate it. Folks in the land of brie and striped shirts are literally rioting through the city, which is the kind of thing you only see on the television news at the beginning of an apocalypse film. It turns out that the French are suddenly […]

Melania’s Christmas Decor Is Creepy And The Internet Is Loving It

Holiday decorations are usually bright, sparkly, and colorful. They’re designed to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, but Melania Trump seems to have missed that memo. This year’s Christmas decor at the White House looks like something straight out of a horror movie and evokes nothing but fear and uneasiness. What makes the chosen holiday designs […]

Trump Loves Kids So Much That Border Guards Fire Tear Gas at Them

Anyone who knows Trump knows how much he loves children. Apart from the comfort he naturally feels at being surrounded by humans of similar intellect, Trump most vehemently enjoys the company of people that he can feel superior to. And if there’s anyone Trump is guaranteed to feel superior to, it is certainly a child. […]

These Gilmore Girls Quotes Can Turn Anyone Into A Modern Feminist

Gilmore Girls is a timeless classic that you can binge dozens of times without getting sick of the storyline. No matter how many times I watch the show, I still hope that she ends up with Jess (#TeamJess).  As a female-driven show, Lorelai and Rory are the obvious feminists on the show, but that doesn’t mean […]

6 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Stormy Daniels On Twitter

Stormy Daniels has become my new favorite person to follow on Twitter. Not only is she hilarious, but her comebacks are so epic that they give the Clapback Queen Chrissy Teigen a run for her money. Tweeting at the adult film star or commenting on one of her posts has become a risky maneuver as […]