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QAnon’s 6 BatSh-t Craziest Conspiracy Theories

There is a renegade among us, folks. A man who is breaking rank on the order of the President to keep the public informed on a vast conspiracy perpetrated by the most villainous characters the Deep State Has to offer. This hero’s handle is QAnon — or just Q if you’re nice — and he’s […]

Michael D. Cohen, Esq—the Real Life Saul Goodman?

If you’re not familiar with Saul Goodman, the shady lawyer from Breaking Bad, here’s how he’s introduced on the show. “You don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a CRIMINAL lawyer.” Instead of getting dudes off for pushing meth, though, Michael Cohen helps prominent stay out of hot water. Like all of Trump’s associates, this […]

8 Things The Money Used To Bomb Syria Would Have Been Better Spent On

If you haven’t heard yet, the United States bombed Syria last week, and it cost taxpayers quite a bit of money. While it’s not yet clear exactly how much was spent as the kind of missiles used hasn’t yet been released, it’s estimated to be around $165 million. And that’s just the price tag on […]

By The Time You Read This, Everything Will Be Different

Like the huge, shocking, convoluted twist of a at the end of an episode of a 2007 network TV drama, Michael Cohen’s lawyer revealed in court that Cohen’s third mystery client is none other than Fox News host Sean Hannity. Cue the dramatic horns. It was a climactic moment that not even Fox News anticipated. […]

There’s No Way Operation Desert Stormy Is a Political Distraction

Operation Desert Stormy began suddenly late on Friday evening. The decision to bomb Syria was abrupt, dramatic, and definitely not a political distraction. After all, there was absolutely nothing else this week that Trump could possibly care about, right? It’s definitely not like Trump has a long history of opposing intervening in Syria particularly. We […]

Childish Adults Who Felt The Need To Troll Teenage Activists On Twitter

Twitter trolls aren’t just disguised bots being run by countries overseas who are trying to meddle with our lives. They’re also grown adults who don’t know how to behave on social media. Respected members of the media, politicians, entertainers, and more. Recently the survivors of the Parkland shootings in Florida have been major targets, in […]