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Trump Blames Mass Killings on Video Games (Because Of Course He Does)

One thing that has been proven simply by the fact that there are MILLIONS OF GAMERS ON EARTH WHO HAVE NEVER HAD AN URGE TO GO ON A MASS KILLING, yet lobbyists and other conservatives need to blame something other than their own lax rules and apathetic attitude towards gun violence and blame the violence […]

8 Hilarious Memes That Flawlessly Depict Trump’s First Year In Office

Trump has been in office for just over a year and he still hasn’t learned to control the things that come out of his mouth. His moronic opinions and basic lack of moral perspective have inspired the country’s most racist and sexist scumbags to reveal themselves, as suddenly they think these views are okay. While […]

10 Times Melania Strangled Donald With Her Thoughts

Some day, Donald Trump’s eyes are going to roll back in his head and his body will collapse onto the ground. Nearby, Melania’s dour frown will slowly turn into a satisfied smirk, because she will finally have finally succeeded at murdering her despised husband with nothing but her mind.

Did Britain Attempt to Retake America at One Point?

So another long story made short (I am good at that): Americans get tired of British rule and threw some tea in Boston Harbor (of which I am not far from as I write this), and then establishes the United States as a “free nation.” But the reasonable size of the British armada and the […]

Shocking Discovery: Thoughts & Prayers Are The Power Source Of The NRA

The Headquarters of the National Rifle Association (located in Virginia) is a tall black spire with an immense fiery black eye at the top which is said to be able to see its GOP puppets at all times, always making sure they are offering an adequate amount of Thoughts & Prayers, its power source, every […]

Donald Trump Jr. Loves Poor Indian People Because “They Smile”

The Trump family never fails to get a WTF moment out of every day, whether it is the man himself, the first lady or one of his oh-so-smarmy sons, and in this case, it was Donald Trump Jr. who put his proverbial foot into his mouth this time. Foot-in-Mouth disease seems to run in the […]

Meet the NRA-Funded Politicians – Tell Them What You Think!

The surviving teenagers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida are holding the feet of the NRA to the fire. A huge number of politicians, it seems, owe loyalty the National Rifle Association. Because the NRA — and other gun rights organizations — have donated ungodly amounts of money to their campaigns.